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Propranolol for ED

I discussed my occasional ED with my psych doc and we both feel it's anxiety related.  He recommended propranolol 10mg just before sex.  It's a beta-blocker mostly used to lower blood pressure but sometimes used for performance anxiety situations like stage fright, exam taking, job interviews etc.  He's used it with other patients experiencing ED.

I also do take the beta-blocker pindolol which has kept my BP at 125/70 for years.  Shrink says very occasional and use of propranolol on top of pindolol should not be a problem but I still have concerns which I will run by my GP.  I actually did receive a call from my pharmacy pointing out the risk of a low BP problem.

So...I am wondering if anyone has used propranolol or has an educated opinion on both its use in ED and possible interactions.

Then of course there is the possible addition of Cialis.

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I think it is done for sure but check with your gp. Your psych says it's okay. He's a medical doctor and well versed on this type of situation as well. What about this though? If you have an anxiety issue, what about a longer term treatment of that? Talk therapy is pretty helpful and a long term medication at a low dose may conquer your anxiety overall. Are you anxious about other things?
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also, is it just 10 mg you are given for this? It's a low dose.
Yes 10mg which he said was the lowest dose.  I do have an anxiety disorder for which I already take some low dose meds nightly and don't wish to add more meds on top.  The propranolol seems like a good idea if it will target isolated anxiety producing events that trigger this ED or other panic type symptoms.  I'm sorta hopeful that propranolol itself will help me push past this occasional sex performance anxiety.

Still want to run it by my GP though.  As far as talk therapy I have never done it at the analysis level and it's generally me doing the talking.

I'm a guitarist too.  Hail Fripp.

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