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Pseudo-orgasm poses a problem...

Hi there,

So I've been masturbating for a while now, but recently I've discovered that I can induce orgasm by just clenching my "pee-holding" muscle, if that makes sense. By just tightening the area that usually contracts during orgasm, I can trigger the wave of involuntary contractions typical of an orgasm, and the flood of endorphins as well. However, no ejaculation occurs, I am not satisfied, and I find myself unable to keep at it... to make matters worse, I do it by accident whilst masturbating, so that suddenly I'm finding myself unable to go on and yet frustrated and disappointed in myself. I've also been having trouble during sex lately. I'm on 100mg of sertraline, which my doc says is probably the cause of the dampened libido, but this muscle thing is really tripping me up! Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm finding myself unable to have sex or masturbate, yet my urge to do so has not disappeared!!
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To align your urge with the action, you may try abdominal breathing. Google abdominal breathing. Breating and groin exercises are helpful in solving sexual health problem.Research and pick techniques which resonate with you.
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