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Question about a visible line in my penis?

After a bout of heavy sex with my wife and I noticed that I was very sore the next time I got an erection. I noticed there's a line at the top of the base and as it travels up it winds around the side underneath. It wasn't there before and doesn't appear to be a vein, but possibly muscle separation underneath the skin. It's very sore to attempt to masturbate or have sex the way it is but its not bruising, no discoloration, and I don't believe its a vein, and have just noticed it. I have a feeling it occured to "rough sex" but we weren't that rough, that's the only thing I can think of. I can see the line when I'm not erect, but its only irritating when I am erect and rubbing it.

Thanks for your help
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It's not unusual for the penis to sustain a bruise--just like any part of your body. Unless you've sustained an injury, the pain should clear up in a few days. If it doesn't, schedule a visit with a urologist.

Now about that line. It WAS there all along; you probably just didn't notice it. It's called the "Raphe line," and all men have one. Some are more obvious than others. This is one of those little-known but miraculous sex factoids.

It is the result of a fetal developmental phenomenon whereby the scrotum (the developmental equivalent of the labia in females) and penis close toward the midline and fuse. All male mammal embryos initially start off as female. You might say “female” is the default setting. It takes something extra (androgens) for males to differentiate as male around the sixth week of embryonic development. Once androgens (most notably, testosterone) kick in, the vagina seals up and your penis and testicles form. That line is the scar left behind when everything seals up. BTW: all birds and reptiles are just the opposite: male is the default setting.

Now doesn’t that make you feel closer to your wife? Hope you’ll share this with her. Dr. J
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