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Random erections gone and losing erection quickly

I usually masturbate daily and I am able to masturbate just fine. It takes me from 5 ton10 minutes to discharge. However if I stop stimulation then I lose erection quickly. I had sex with a girl before and it was fine. I lasted about 10 minutes with a condom but without condom I last for about 2 or 3 minutes. Continous stimulation is always required. Noticed random erection for 5 or 6 times this whole month buy just 2 morning erections. Not losing any energy or weight. I am completely healthy. Hair growth is fine too. I also smoke hukkah daily and when masturbate I do it with porn. I am also able to have erection with just fantasising but that too goes away quickly if I do not stimulate it further. What's happening?
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Masturbation is perfectly healthy and normal. So, I want to lead with that.  However, the issue can develop that the direct stimulation that you achieve from masturbation is a bit different than actual sex. Your penis is trained for the direct stimulation you give it.  What a doctor will tell you is to back off on masturbation for a few weeks.  Hard to do. But you may find that you are more easily stimulated again. Porn also can be a bit of an issue in that in itself, porn is porn and men are visual and it gets the 'job' done. But life isn't porn. I'd also not use porn for the same period you don't masturbate. Try that. Let me know how it goes.
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Tried leaving it for 3 weeks. Had more random elections each morning. Sensitivity increased but also gave me quick ejaculation when tried sex. Like a premature ejaculation. Is it fine?
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