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I have had SIGNIFICANT reduction in the sensation of ejecualte and amount of ejaculate over a several YEAR period of time. I al TAKING testosterone therapy AXIRON and my levels are usually NORMAL of T on the AXIRON. BUT in the past 2 years my sensation on oregasm is VERY decreased, and inthe past year I notice a much smaller amount of semen. I DO have a SLIGHLY enlarged prostate, I DO have pre- diabetes, I do take Verapamil, and a small dose of Atenolol . I do take PROSCAR.  HOWEVER NO new medications were added i nthe pats YEAR and the DECREASE in amount of semen and sensation has been during this YEAR. I dont think its the medications. I DONT smoke. I DONT drink. I have some minor kidney damage fom taking LIPITOR (muscle enzyme leaking .high CPK) nutthat wouldnt SHRINK  my RIGHT teste. I have NO SWELLIN there no lumps..my PSA ius normal....physical exam on prostate showe NOTHING ,major. a Cat scan also didnt show any significant incease in prostate size. AGE is 57. I DID suffer PNEUMONIA lays summer which was really bad but I recovered so they csay. I do NOT use Steroids. I do nOT use illegal drugs. I dont have cancetr or blood markers that would incdicate cancer. I DO have 6 heart stents  but last scans shw mo new heart issues...they relwased me without admissio nand didnt find a cause..I am wonderin if the ER cath SCARRED up my bladder neck so nbadly I cant feel anything and less semen comes out? I HAD a micitration study-it shows NARROW bladder neck..I have trouble with urination for YEARS--nbut NOW I have ejaculate problem.I DONT WANT this problem ANY SUGGESTIONS?>
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You need a test showing

free T (non subtractive)

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