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Severe sudden erectile dysfunction at 21. Need help

My penis suddenly became became hard flaccid about three weeks ago. 0 erections for the first few days. Never even knew what this was, freaked out, but after a lot of edging for a week my penis was restored for good two weeks. Erections were good. Suddenly the hard flaccid came back. Once again 0 erections. A few days later my penis became number, slightly thicker and number in the bottom half and a slight curve to the left (ONLY WHEN FLACCID THOUGH). I went to the doctor, they said nothing wrong with it. Just relax. So i calmed myself down and decided I was going to get an erection, after much pulling and stretching on my hard penis I managed to get it to its full erectile length and girth, however, the 'erection' wasn't rigid and it flopped down onto my stomach whereas it usually points almost straight up (a normal erection). This wasn't just a normal semi though, I had never experienced this form before. It really was like it was erect but it was easy to push in all directions, despite being pretty hard. you couldnt bend the top half in different directions to the bottom half if that makes sense; but the whole thing as one could fall straight forward and straight back with no problem. Anyway so after this happened I started getting a severe pain few hours later which now comes and goes. The pain is only really on one side. It is at the base of my penis on the right side but this pain is coming from both the front right side of the penis (maybe the suspensory ligament? It's that area) and the back right side, down into where the scrotum connects the penis (a nerve thing perhaps). My glans also get hypersensitive at times. This was all a few days ago and I have not tried masturbating with it since. I have seen doctors and they all say there's not much wrong but I have yet to see a urologist.

From what I have researched I feel I have damaged my suspensory ligament because of the curvature to one side and the previous non-rigid erection. I am now on absolutely zero erections or morning wood. Advice would be great.

Right now my penis is:
a little numb
extremely hard to the touch, retracted and small.
slight pain on one side
impossible to stretch out its that hard at the moment
complete erectile dysfunction including no morning wood

Anyone have ANY guidance for me here?
Despite this only being a few days old I have come to terms with never being able to get hard by myself again but I would like to know if anyone thinks cialis/viagra would NOT work on me? I am already thinking about the implant too.

I know this was a long read but thanks!
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Hey Stanley00,

I injured my penis in my early 20s and had a lot of the same symptoms that you describe. It was like that for about a couple weeks, then came back some. But when things came back they didn't fully come back.

What happened to me was I had an injury which smashed my arteries creating at least two localized blockages, and created scar tissue - which I believe is the body's natural response to injury. However scarring in the tissue of the penis is very bad because it takes away the elasticity in the penis which not only affects size but functioning too. Scarring can prevent hard erections.

It's awesome you're on top of this early. I believe you have a small window to prevent some of the scarring from forming in the first place, if that's even possible and presuming you have a similar situation to what I had. But I would do what you can to try to prevent internal scarring now. Could be supplements. There is also an experimental, unproven, treatment of injecting the penis directly with your own Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). I would only have this done by a urologist, and even better a urologist who has experience with this. There are risks sticking needles into your penis including hitting blood vessels, nerve clusters or the urethra or even the bladder I believe etc that's why you'd want someone who really knows what they're doing.

It sounds to me like the body is in defense mode healing up, but I worry when it's healed there will be internal scarring.

There are other options than the implant too.

What freaked me out too in my journey with all this is the response I would get from doctors including urologists. They made it seem so hopeless. So shop around and I wouldn't accept a urologist who refused to send you for any tests or would say just wait 6 weeks or it's just anxiety or something ignorant like that. And I'd push them for tests, information etc as much as you can.

Did you have an injury? Perhaps from masturbating? From sex? Riding a bike? Anything you can think of? It sure sounds like that. But either way you need to get a proper diagnosis after much testing. Treatment is important to think about, but also Prevention is even better and it may still be early enough where you could prevent some damage if scar tissue is part of your case.
I hope this helps! Good luck with it and update on here or ask any questions! Staying proactive is probably the best way to go and again it's great you're on top of this early! What helped me a lot is understanding what was going on.  I was able to get a lot of help, after a lot of time spent with several doctors telling me there is nothing I can do and giving me no info.  They were wrong.  So hopefully you can save a lot of that time! Good luck!
Hi Helper015,

I appreciate your involvement and willing to help others. I think many people end up in having physiological reasons as you have experienced. Most of the doctors refuse to investigate the reason and they justify that there is anyhow no treatment except Viagra. My question to you is if you already found a solution to your artery scar tissue, or any workaround?
So, MOrris82, do you have this situation?  I think the technical name for this diagnosis of scar tissue is Peyronie's Disease.  Have you been diagnosed with that? https://www.webmd.com/men/peyronies-disease#1.  There are treatments for that including medication or surgery (I know, surgery is not something I would love to hear). The pill treatment breaks down the plague and scar tissue.  Might ultimately help the situation.
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