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Sexual Performance Anxiety

I'm 28. I am capable of getting proper erection any time of the day except for being in bed with a girl. After clinical check and running tests the doctor confirmed that my sex drive is healthy and functioning and that my problem is purely psychological. Performance medications help sometimes help (sildenafil, tadalafil, vardelafil, .. ). But in other times they just don't have any effect. I have been told that as long as I have performance anxiety, all the viagra in the world will not help.
To over come the problem, my doctor prescribed me Trazodone Hydrochloride 100mg every night. I have to say that after taking Trazodone for a couple of weeks I could have healthy sex with or without viagra. I took Trazodone for a bit more than 3 months and then gradually stopped. for the following 4 months I could also have good sex ONLY when taking viagra. But now (after 6 months of stopping Trazodone) viagra stopped working again.

My question is: Did the doctor tell me to stop taking it too soon?  should I start taking trazodone again for a longer time? How long should I keep taking the Trazodone to completely overcome the performance anxiety?

I feel confused because I read that Trazodone sometimes have a reversed effect if taken for too long. Please advise me.
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I may suggest 2 exercises which can be done as an adjunct therapy. Google Male Deer exercise, and kege exercise.
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No offense but are you not into girls
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