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Sudden ED

I have been dealing with insomnia for a while now and never had a problem obtaining or maintaining an erection. But a few days ago all of a sudden my member was limp when i tried to masturbate before bed. When i woke up today i had an erection or morning wood but how do i say, It didn't feel like an erection. But with saying that I don't believe my problem is entirely physical then right? If it's mental I don't understand as I never had an issue before. Every time i try now my mind might be getting aroused but my penis has no reaction whatsoever. I really need help with this please.
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So you were semi erect this morning?  Not your usual morning erection is what you are saying.  Since you deal with insomnia, are you stressed out or suffering anxiety?  That can impact our erections.  Start with describing why you think you have insomnia (it was important enough to mention it) and what other mental health things you battle such as extreme stress, fatigue from insomnia, anxiety, etc.  Is anything going on right now in your life?  
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Good questions, GR - these are the right things to ask. I’ll just add that long-term insomnia might have a negative effect on erectile function, and some drugs to treat it could also cause prblms. Obviously any type of stress can be an issue for ED as well...

Now a cpl add’l Q’s for ammogr: I don’t really understand what you meant by waking up w/ morning wood, but it didn’t feel like an erection. Did you mean it was not as firm as normal? Or maybe it felt fairly firm but you were lacking sensation? If you ARE still getting morning erections (even if not quite full), that’s a positive sign that physically, you may be OK. This all sounds stress-related to me...

Ultimately, I think you’re going to want to see a Dr. I know it can be embarrassing to discuss this w/ a Dr., but remember, they deal with this all the time & based on the no. of ads for Viagra, Cialis & ‘natural’ treatments for ED, it’s a pretty common problem! Start w/ your reg Dr., but you may also want to consult a Urologist - this is one of the main areas they specialize in.

Best of luck to you & please check back in & let us know how you’re doing...

Sorry - one add’l Q: What’s your age? As we get older, it’s not uncommon to start seeing these issues, but physical orblms like cardiac, blood pressure, etc. & stress can affect even younger guys...
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