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Teenage Erectile Dysfunction and Loss of Libido

Hello everyone.

I'm a 17 year old male in High School with erectile dysfunction and a loss of libido. I noticed starting January or February last year that my erections where getting weaker and softer. In July I woke up and my penis felt abnormally flaccid. I remember having trouble getting any erection at all that day. The next week I could get an erection, but I would have to try very hard, it wouldn't be a real strong erection, and I would have to try quite hard.

I have been masturbating nearly every day since I was 13 and a half. I haven't masturbated too much since July, and seem to barely get one strong enough to masturbate. I've also had a loss of libido. Before that day I used to think about girls so much, and find many girls attractive. Now nothing turns me on and I'm not that interested in sex as much as I was. My sex drive has decreased and my ability to have sex as well. I've tried looking at all sorts of porn but that won't do the trick either.

I don't know what the problem is. I've done countless hours of research and I cannot think of why I have impotence and a loss of libido. None of the physical reasons make sense for me. The psychological reasons don't either, I'm not trying to have sex with anyone, this isn't performance anxiety. I just cant get an erection and don't desire sex.I haven't found any cases that a 17 year old should get impotence and a loss of libido. and why I literally did wake up one day and it was full blown. Going to a doctor is not an option at this moment.

I can think of only two possible reasons. Masturbating every day for about 4 years and I tend to get 6-7 hours of sleep most days. Except I run full energy and have no problems with less sleep.

I want a normal libido like I did a year ago, and the same for my erections, what can I do?
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I want to add Ive only woken up with an erection after July once. Before July I actually have no memories of waking up with an erection, I honestly don't know if I ever did or did not. I wasn't (consciously at least) aware this is supposed to happen until I began researching erectile dysfunction.
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Do you think its related to porn use?
Many young guys visiting our forums are now coming down with porn- induced ED.

If you belive your ED could be porn related, I suggest watching
Erectile Dysfunction and Porn:

Also- a few articles on Porn-Induced ED

As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?

“How I Recovered from Porn-related Erectile Dysfunction”

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