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There are intraurethral gel vasoactivators used with a needeless syringe

The gel goes in thru the top..are there urinary track infections from this? I will see the DR in Dec to learn more..then share.
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never thought of that.  I kind of doubt it. These things are tested with adverse events reported. They look for patterns of things that happen to people pre release of the drug to the public but then continue to report adverse events when it is used outside of clinical studies.  I didn't really see this as a concern in the literature related to issues with the medication. https://www.webmd.com/drugs/2/drug-177765/tri-mix-papaverine-phentolamine-pge1-intracavernosal/details/list-sideeffects  Did you yourself get a uti?  Yes, come back and share what your doctor says
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