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Tried Everything

I've tried everything: foods increasing testosterone, supplements like L-Citrulline, high-intensity training - lifting, ginseng, maca, beet juice - nothing worked.
I tried sildenafil and tadalafil and both worked very well only a few first times - later the was a small or sometimes no response. My testosterone is high (810) and no smoking, not overweight, blood work works O.K.
I'm 56 years old. Any suggestions?
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It seems my blood pressure is fluctuating between normal and hypertension and whenever it is more than normal ED happens inhibiting erection & tadalafil completely. I have to do more trials to confirm that theory.
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You may have given some insight into the issue - high BP can be due to narrowing of arteries, and of course erections depend on good blood flow to the penis. You might look into ‘shockwave’ therapy for ED - it uses a particular frequency of acoustic shockwaves that break up arterial ‘plaque’ in the penis & increase blood flow. It has worked for some guys to restore function. One well-known one is ‘Gaineswave’ but there are others, they're fairly expensive. There's also a home-use device calked ‘Phoenix’, it allows you to treat yourself at home, its not cheap but still way cheaper than the treatments at ED clinics. You may also want to try addressing the BP issue, some BP meds worsen erectile function, but there are a couple that might actually help a little, so talk to your Dr. about it. Good luck to you - its a very frustrating situation. Let us know if you have any success treating it.
You give the greatest info bonzodog.  Thanks for that!
Does Sildenafil or actually having sex drastically lower blood pressure?
I made the following measurements and I do not understand the BP fluctuations?

1 hour after taking 60mg of Sildenafil - BP 146/94
After having sex - BP 125/77
In the morning - BP 160/102
Can Sildenafil be taken as a medicine to lower a BP?
What might have caused such big BP fluctuations specifically after night rest?
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