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Trouble Maintaining an Erection with a Condom On

I'm 31 years old and my whole life I've had a problem maintaining an erection when wearing a condom. It's about 50% of the time that this happens, and when I can keep it up, a lot of the times the sex isn't that ejoyable because I'm trying very hard to keep it up. I don't have this issue with unprotected sex. I can masterbate with a condom on and I'm fine. The sensation that the condom takes away from the intercourse that is at least part of the issue, possibly others too.  
I have tried different kinds of condom brands and styles. I have tried different OTC products (e.g. ExtenZe) and they provide a healthier erection, but don't fix the problem. There was one that I found in Amsterdam composed of different natural supplements that worked great,but it isn't offered anywhere else, not even online. This particular product taken with alcohol will give the worst hangover. I also take L-Arginine as a supplement, but this doesn't help with the condom issue. For the last year I have been taking Viagra (50mg) or Cialis (5 or 10mg) to combat my condom problem and they both work great!  
I live in a very conservative country in which I cannot see a doctor about this problem. He can't help me because I am a single man. But there are pharmacies that will sell Cialis and Viagra without a prescription. I know you can't physically evaluate me over the internet, but can you tell me, in general, is it safe for someone as young as me to take Viagra or Cialis? Would these be prescribed for the problem that I am having? Also, is it safe to take Viagra or Cialis with L-Arginine?
I also read an article sometime back by a doctor (wish I had the doctors name, or source, but I don't) about ED medication in which he stated that it only works for about 5 yrs. Do you know anything about this? Possibly he was referring to older men who use it? By the time they start using it they only have 5 more years until their stuff shuts down totally?
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While I sympathize with your concern of not being able to see a physician in your home country, I urge you to consult one during your frequent travels. It's important that you realize that both L-Arginine and Viagra can lower your blood pressure, putting your health at risk. I also note that you have no erection concerns when not using a condom. This indicates that something about using a condom is causing you anxiety. Only you know what that something is. Perhaps it might help you to ruminate on this.

I haven't seen any large studies of long-term recreational use of Viagra in otherwise healthy men, so there aren't enough data to give you a definitive answer regarding effectiveness. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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