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Trouble staying hard

Hey there im 19 and in pretty good physical shape except for the pack of cigarettes I smoke once a week which I read can lead to troubles getting hard. Ive also been on antidepressants for almost a year now but if anything I feel like the depression its self is causeing the limpness in bed. Ive been seeing this girl for almost 3 months and we have been sexually active from day 1. I was a vergin before I started seeing her and I was worried that I would finnish immediately after I penetrated her but I ended up lasting a long time. Everything was fine after that except for occasionaly I would have trouble keeping it up but we have good comunication so I would just tell her I need a minute and she would blow me until I was hard again. Last night I was with her after I hadnt seen her for a couple weeks and I was very excited for our date,  we started the foreplay and I almost immediately got hard and stayed hard for about 5 minutes into the actuall sex but when we switched positions after taking my member out of her it started going limp. I told her I needed a minute but it turned out I needed like 20. She started to blow me but no matter how hard we both tried I couldnt get hard and if youve ever been there before then you know that once you start stressing about not getting hard it just makes it worse. Sometimes when im inside her im not even sure if im hard because I cant even feel it. Its like my member gets numb. This especially worries me because shes on the pill so we dont even use a condom. I think the biggest contributor to my limpness is my depression because it seems to be getting more and more severe over the years but I still find mu self attrected to this girl and im excited to sleep with her before every date but it's always a little bit of a let down because my pennis gets so numb it stops feeling good after a while. Are there any tips I should know about? Im thinking about stoping masterbating completely cause ive heard that can contribute to the numbness of my weiner. Ive also been thinking about taking some kind of boner pill but im sure once I start relying on a pill to get me hard ill never be able to quit them. Any advice would help. Thanks
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