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Very poor Sensitivity in the penis and head


I am in my late twenties, and have had issues with sensitivity for the past 2-3 years... I basically do not feel much during oral intercourse with girls. I only start experiencing real pleasure and feelings about 1 minute before ejaculation. Sometimes I can't maintain an erection for more than 1 minute because I can't feel anything... it is really affecting my sexual life.

I have no "known" medical conditions and I am pretty healthy overall. I run and go to the gym 3-4 times weekly and I do not smoke/nor take drugs.

I have been to 2 different urologists for this problem and no one gave me a satisfying diagnosis...

The first one felt my prostate (for any enlargement) and checked my testicles and said everything was fine. He also asked me some questions about general health and then concluded it was psychological. He said here is some Cialis, take it this week-end and masturbate once or twice per day and see if it does any good. I tried it and it did give me a strong erection but the sensitivity issue was even worse, I could barely feel anything, it wasn't pleasurable at all. Also, during the night I had very hard erections that made it almost impossible to sleep. So I stopped taking it...

The 2nd urologist ran some general health tests and then said that everything was fine physically and that I needed to see a sexologist, because he was pretty sure it was psychological. To be honest he seemed a little bit on a rush and didn't take the time to listen to me ... I thought he was very unprofessional.

I decided to take the matter in my own hands and do my own research online. I found out that nerve damage can cause lack of sensitivity and erectile problems, and it makes a lot of sense to me.. I found out about this test called Bulbocavernosus reflex to check how healthy the nerve is. I tried it today and I felt no contraction of the anus... which leads me to think that I have nerve damage in that region... however, I am not sure if I did the test properly, how hard should I press on the head? Also, should the penis be erect, flaccid or in-between state?

What measures can one take to help heal that nerve? Is there any specific medication for this?

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Hi CH, A vary good piece, pitty alot of guys with porn enduced ED wont see it, you should find a site for it for more guys to read it.
Good Luck
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I can very much understand how pornography can desensitise our brains, and how difficult it can be to wrestle and break free from the regular dopamine fix that many have to deal with.
   However, if a man wakes up in a dreamless night, and sees he has less than a full hard-on, and does not feel much sensitivity in his penis; then it’s not down to internet porn-related erectile dysfunction, is it (?), as there is no initiating visual arousal. Lack of physical sensation in the genitals is a ‘physical’ problem, not a psychological one. Please read, all you psychosexual councillors.
     Doctors ridiculize the problem. Mostly they will tell you that it’s in your brain, that it doesn’t exist. They will offer you expensive treatments, but not real cures. They will want you to pay for the pills and injections/implants they have been trained to prescribe by the companies that subsidised their training. They don’t have any long term solutions or any care for you or your situation. It’s the way the system works and it’s just tough luck for you. Give us your credit card...that’s aging for you.....ha, ha, ha!!!
   There is one thing that DOES work. It’s definitely, for most, a long stretch, but essentially the one no nonsense cure that will revitalise all areas of you being. Please understand these 5 points:
1) Your body knows how to heal itself... that’s regarding ANY disease!
2) Your body does not understand most of the stuff you are putting in your mouth. Everything chemical, denatured, dead and processed....... dairy, meat, potatoes, rice, bread and 90% of the nonsense foods that you see in supermarkets, taste so good, but are worthless to you.
3) Your body defends itself from this onslaught of dead food by using mucus to defend itself. From the mouth to your anus.... the route that your food travels... all gets coated with congestive mucus, disrupting every organ in your body, also causing acidosis, toxaemia, and backing up the lymph system. These modern ‘delicious’ foods actually cause human ailments.
4) Your body understands that which is beneficial to it. Live foods, full of enzymes and life energy, straight picked from the tree or pulled up from the earth. That’s where it gets its health and energy from. Orange juice, for example, is liquid sunshine, and will unblock and clear every artery in your body of the built up plaque, leaving it strong and healthy.
5) Your body needs to detoxify. Pills and treatments may prop you up for a while, but in the end they don’t provide ‘health’. Detoxification means eating 90%+ raw fruit and vegetables. Living on juice and fasting is better. The main issue is that your body cannot truly get well unless the obstructions caused by a typical western diet are eliminated. It’s going to be discomforting and hurt some, but there’s no getting around this. Yes, there are other environmental and genetic issues, but your body is designed to heal itself, and be strong in ALL areas, given the appropriate nutrition. A raw vegan diet may sound extreme, but it’s the diet our ancestors ate more than 50,000 years ago, and is full of the flavours and energy that our bodies today are designed to eat - to be healthy, happy & strong!  
         Oh....and porn does NOT help either!
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It's not masturabtion, unless it's too vigorous, or traumatic, it's porn. Internet poirn is not sex, not even close. It is far more stimulating due to the extreme novelty and unlimited gemre.

Nothing moral, only evolution and brain scicence.

On our recovery forums, we have men in their teens with porn-induced ED. Chronic erectile dysfunction is NOT a problem for men under 40 - or at least it wasn't until Internet porn arrived.

If porn caused it -the problem is in your brain, not your penis. ED caused by porn is not psychological, it is structural and biochemical.

Internet porn can become an addiction, and with all addictions the brain changes, or adapts. It does not matter if the addiction is to a substance or whether it is a behavioral addiction, the same brain changes result.

Today's internet porn is nothing at all like our ancestors ever encountered, with the constant novelty and genres of extreme porn. Unlike yesterday's Playboy, Internet porn overstimulates the brain structures responsible for libido, erections, and addiction.

Brain changes include a drop in dopamine receptors in the reward circuitry. Reducing the amount of dopamine receptors decreases your pleasure response to "normal" stimuli. In other words, real-life sexual partners and previous porn won't excite your brain enough to get your penis going. Turning on dopamine receptors is how you get turned on.

Here are two excellent presentations, by a science teacher, on the effects of pornography on the brain. They are non-religious, non-judgmental, and science based.

Erectile Dysfunction and Porn:

Your Brain on Porn - Porn Addiction:

Here are two articles on porn-induced ED

“How I Recovered from Porn-related Erectile Dysfunction”

As Porn Goes Up, Performance Goes Down?

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hey i have the same problem maybe you fractured your penis or stretched your suspensory ligament. did you go to a neurologist? how is your sensitivity now?
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can masturbation cause this? How is masturbation different from sex?
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Hi i'm in my midle 20's. I have the same problem with penis sensation and maintainig erection. How often did you masturbate in the past? Did you use porn for visual stimulation? Are you enough arouse with your g/f? Rough masturbation can decrease penis sensations. Maybe you are diabetic? Have you some back problems? I found in another forums, that b6 vitamine sometimes can help...  
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Try changing your underwear fabric.  Rough fabrics can desenceifpy the head.  Try silk.
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