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Vitamins to increase Sex desire

Is there any vitamins that can improve men sex desire, libido, sex sensitivity and cure erectile dysfunction??? List complete description such as Vitamin E 400mg per day.
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Hi Steve, first, do you watch porn or over masturbate, and just how do you think you have got to this point of having ED.
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All these issues started after 8 months of left varicocele surgery when i began to watch Porn and masturbated. My urine system was also very disturbed during that period as i have suffered several times from UTI and my bladder doesn't empty fully during bowel movement and penis relaxation is also a problem.
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Hi Steve, well lets take this as you have put them, your varicocle surgary could be one pointer as some times a vien can get crushed stopping erections, not nice, and thats a fact.
Porn and masturbating, is a very bad way to go and you could now have porn enduced ED.
And I dont think a UTI has ever caused ED, lots of tip burning while urinating.
And penis relaxation, cant work out what that one is?
So lets try this first, its an 8 week sabbatical, from porn and masturbating and any other forms of sexual contact, this should reboot and heal your body, if after 4 weeks you start getting your nocternal erections back with morning woods then you will know its working.
So if you take this on then come back to me in 8 weeks and tell me how its gone.
Good Luck
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