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Vitaros - Does it work?

I am a 67 year old Type 2 diabetic. My ED started around 2 years ago since which time I have never been able to have intercourse with my wife. I raised the issue with my doctors at the outset but they didn't seem interested. Of course, in pandemic UK, you can't get near a doctor anymore.

I have now have tried all the usual tablets (Viagra, Levitra, Tadalafil although not Spedra - yet). Tadalafil seems to work best although even that doesn't facilitate an erection sufficient for intercourse. So, looking for alternatives, I discovered alprostadil. Having been knocked back twice by on line pharmacies whilst attempting to purchase MUSE and once from another when attempting to purchase Vitaros, I was finally successful in procuring 4 doses of Vitaris from a 4th on line pharmacy but I haven't collected it yet.

Has anyone any experience of using this and particularly, does it work? I can't even remember what intercourse feels like anymore.
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