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I’m 18 years old, 6’1” with a slim/average build, used to play football 4 times a week but have stopped this recently, I walk 30 minutes to and from work every weekday. 3 weeks ago I was with this girl, just occasional kisses and hugging that’s it, but I achieved an erection in this time. Last weekend we met again, this time it led to sex, however the best I could  achieve was a semi (exactly the same as an erection, but just wasn’t hard at all) this then obviously led to nothing. I’ve been thinking since and can’t remember the last time I had an erection since the kissing (not that I keep a record, but this was a thing that came to mind) this could be my brain tricking me due to embarrassment or something I’m not too sure. I’ve kept a record the past few days and have not completed an erecting since. Do I actually have ED and what’s the best way I can go about curing this?
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I know that's kind of embarrassing but it happens to everyone. A couple times of it isn't something to worry about. Are you stressed currently in any way? Were you having any anxiety at the time? And once you aren't getting an erection, it is easy to get into a spiral of worry that causes more anxiety and makes erection even harder. Truth, right now I would not worry about it. It should go away.
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