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What is my penis problem?

Around Nov. 2010, I had sex with a girl, who bit me during oral sex & ever since then, I’ve had problems. My penis size has decreased (I was 5.2-6.2 inches long before any of this has happened) now I am 4-4.5 inches. Sometimes my penis skin feels tight like it can't go longer, but I'm circumcised. Before any of this happened, I’d have delayed ejaculation, but now I have premature ejaculation, & I'm having difficulty getting & maintaining erections. I don't get morning wood anymore & whenever I do get erections, they're soft & don't last long. Sperm leaks from my penis from time to time, whenever I do try to get a erection (not sure if masturbation is the cause). I'm also having frequent urination (the urologist told me my bladder wasn't being fully emptied, but I didn't have any bladder issues before any of this happened). When the accident 1st happened, I had itching, dryness, soreness & discomfort on my penis. I had anal itching as well. The doctors told me it was a fungal infection. Used cutivate, cloderm, nystatin, Doxycycline & SULFAMETHOXAZOLE/TRIMETHOPRIM but none of those worked. Bought some Monistat & that got rid of the itching, but it irritated my skin & gave me a discharge. Don't have any HIVs or STDs (been tested 3 different times, as well as received treatment for STDs, urethritis & prostatitis at the hospital) but the problem of getting my penis back to the way it used to be, has not been fixed. My penis is always sore, even when I don't do anything to it. It's always dry & has a weird smell; currently using hydrocortisone & although my penis isn't as dry as much, it's still sore, red, smells & lacks normal blood flow. People have told me "its all in my head" but the fact that I'm 21 years old, in great health & showing these symptoms shows it's not psychological. I'm curious if I still have a fungal infection & require Diflucan to solve the problem. If anyone could tell me what the problem is & how to cure it, I would really appreciate your time.
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Dear themaninthemist,

Thanks for writing in.

I appreciate the detailed history. You certainly have been treated well until now but you still seem to be having residual infection (smells bad, redness, soreness- all point towards it). You need to be treated with antifungal agents. You may consider taking oral Fluconazole after consulting an urologist.

As far as your erection problems and the penile length issues are concerned, you should start yourself on a 5 PDE (Phosphodiesterase type-5) inhibitor like sildenalfil or vardenafil under the care of urologist and see how you do. Once you have taken a trial of this drug, do get back to me and we can take it from there.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

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Best Regards,
Dr. Rajiv Goel
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Hey Dr. Goel! I'm contacting you to inform you I received a prescription of a single dose of diflucan (Fluconazole) from my urologist, so I should be on the right track! I wasn't able to get any Viagra yet, but I did get a free trial of Cialis. would that work for the 5 PDE?

There's one problem that's bothering me though. Lately, sperm has been leaking from my penis a lot (ex. I'll just be sitting down and I can feel it coming out for no reason). I did some research and found out that the cause is from overmasturbation, which would also explain why I obtained premature ejaculation. I'm hoping I didn't damage any nerves or vessels in my penis, but can you recommend any treatment for sperm leakage, premature ejaculation, or damage from overmasturbation? I really appreciate your help and you have given me great advice & support, so from the bottom of my heart, I really want to thank you for your time. Please reply back whenever you get the chance, and again, thank you so much. I am blessed to have received the help I've been looking for. :)

Much appreciated,

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