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What is my problem?

I'm new here.  Thought I would ask my question and see if anyone knows what the deal is.  I am 26 years old, and have always had problems with my erections.  I am overweight, but I think I should still be able to get decent erections, and sometimes I do, but I lose them very quickly. My GF is very patient with me, but it makes me feel horrible because we feel like we need to hurry up and do it before I lose my erection.  I have found that if I move around, like get on my knees, I lose it instantly, the only way I can keep it is if I lay on my back, and usually that doesn't even work. If we are getting sexual, and she gets up to close the door, I have already lost it by the time she gets back.  And I've never even known what its like to use a condom because every time I've put one on, I've lost my erection.  I have never in my life had an erection while standing up, its always when I am laying.  And I've never in my life had an erection for longer than a few minutes, unless I'm sleeping.  Sometimes, I wake up with pretty decent erections that last a while, but not all girls want to be woken up for sex.  It is all very frustrating because I am a very sexual person, and have even been told by many people that I am overly sexual.  Last year my doctor did some bloodwork and discovered that I have low testosterone levels, and he has been giving me injections every other week, he said it will help with my weight, but it still hasn't really helped with my weight or with my erections, neither has his samples of viagra  (Maybe he needs to up the dosage of the testosterone injections? Any suggestions on what my problems is? I'm too young for this!
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It's hard to say. You said you went to a doctor, is he a urologist? What kind of tests did you do exactly? Do you remember the exact results of your testosterone levels? Why don't you get a second opinion?

One thing's for sure: obesity is a major cause of ED. I suggest you get some exercise and improve your diet. Like I always say, a healthy lifestyle is the #1 ED treatment
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No, he is not a urologist.  He's just a primary physician.  The only tests he did was the bloodwork.  I was thinking of going to a hormone specialist.  Good idea?  My TST levels were somewhere around 250.  I do need to lose weight, but even when I was younger, and a little thinner, I still had problems with getting/keeping erections.
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