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Where to get help at a reasonable cost ?

I'm 55 years old male with a T level of 90 year old. My old GP was charging me $575 per month for replacement therapy, 2 injections a month that instance wouldn't cover. I found out a prescription of testosterone ethanate would cost $60 per month.

I found a new gp, but she won't prescribe testosterone ethanate and referred me to a endocrinologist. He wants to charge me $2500 in new blood work and $350 per visit with a minimum of 4 visits. He also wants me to come in for injections at $200 twice per month. Insurance again won't pay... for a now "pre-existing condition".

How can I get help without being extorted and bankrupted ?
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Holy ****. Must be American. I live in Canada. Test are usually free. Paid 60 bucks for one but all others have been free. Testostrone shots cost me 45 bucks and last 10 weeks. My hcg shots cost 100 bucks and last over a month. No drug plan from work but looking for a new job.

Americans getting screwed. Too much on bombs and not enough on meds and schools.

Anyway you can get a job with coverage?
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First your name rings a bell, you could try DHEA its an over the counter hormon replacement, you can read lots about here and anywhere else, but make sure you read about it first before taken it, its helped me get over ED other things I take are just natural things, like Cayenne, Garlic, Ginger in tea is great, and I'm now just starting Borax, all these things you can Google and just add ED on the end, lots to read about and they all help and cheap to bye, you also look up the 5G's and look for pegym for it.
Good Luck
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