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Why do I not get morning erections?

I'm 19. Healthy and lift weights. Libido is good, I can get a firm erection through imagination. I have not masturbated or watched porn in 2 years. Yet, despite all of this, I have not gotten a morning erection since I was 16. Very very rarely maybe. Is this cause for concern? Why is this happening?
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I read that this may actually have something to do with your sleep rather than your equipment.  If you aren't coming out of REM sleep at that time, you won't get an erection.   How are you feeling about your level of testosterone?  you are, I'm sure, done with puberty.  It may have to do with that as well.  Do you get annual physicals?  You should!  We all should.  That would be a good time to mention it to your doctor!
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Good advice, GR. I’d like to add that YES, lack of morning erections can be a little concerning, altho the fact you can get good erections is a good sign. It’s thought that nocturnal erections are nature’s way of keeping these tissues periodically flooded w/ blood & Oxygen to keep them elastic & ‘pliable’. Otherwise, these tissues can kind of become fibrous & harder & then won’t expand to allow an erection later on.

Going along w/ what GR said, it’s possible you’re having erections during sleep & are just not aware if it. There’s a simple test you can do to determine this - Dr’s have a little ‘strip’ of paper w/ adhesive, you wrap this around your flaccid penis (about mid-shaft, I think) just as you’re going to sleep, then in the morning, if this paper strip is torn, that’s an indication that you did have an erection during sleep. You could also perform this same test using a roll of postage stamps, wrap around your penis & see if it pulled apart overnite. The only prblm is, these days, most stamps are sold on a sheet, rather than a roll, but you might be able to fashion smthg like this on your own using a small, thin & ‘tear-able’ paper strip & some tape. It’s worth a try - you might find you’re having nocturnal erections without being aware of it...

Good luck & come back here & let us know what’s found...
Thanks GR, in response to your comment "If you aren't coming out of REM sleep at that time, you won't get an erection" what does that mean? Does that mean we need sound sleep and not REM to get/feel morning wood ?? Pls advise,
Your hormone level of testosterone is highest as you come out of REM sleep and that is when you'd get an erection without stimulation.
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