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Young age erection problems

Hi there, I am 18 years old and have erection problems when it comes to sex. I use to have a girlfriend for a long time and i did not have this problem except at the very begining, however now that we broke up whenever i get the chance to have sex with another girl it gets soft right before doing it. As iv checked it out in your forum I am perfectly concious that it is all inside my head.
But the fact that i know its all in my head makes it even worse because each time im with a girl i keep hoping that it wont happen or i force myself not to think about it, but, since my brain is an *******, he does the complete opposite and it is literally the ONLY thing i think about the whole time while im kissing the girl!
I also know that it is good to talk about it with the partner, I did it once with this girl who slept over my house but it didnt solve the problem because i kept thinking about it even more. AND i would like to be able to have sex on a one night stand as well ( yes i know its wrong but iv just come out of a long relationship )

So i was wondering if there are any particular techniques apart from foreplay to keep my mind off it, without having to speak about it to the girl ? Iv had this problem with every girl I got with and its getting worse and worse for me lol, thanks for the help
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oh yeah and i also masturbate about once or twice a week ? is it better to reduce ?
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   I think your problem is a common one..No techniques for you.  Sorry, I think seeing a therapist would benefit you greatly..
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