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can't keep an erection

I'm a 17 year old teenager and my Girlfriend and I have been dating for 5 months. we have a pretty active sex life but last week while having sex my erection suddenly went limp disregarding it as nothing we thought we should try again two days ago and while we were fooling around with each other I had an erection but as soon as i put on a condom my erection instantly went limp, i dont know why this happens and I'm a little freaked out. i still get the annoying morning wood and we use the same condoms we both are also in great shape because of sports. does anyone know the problem? I'm not under any unusual stress lately.
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assuming she's sleeping over, when you get one of those 'annoying' morning erections, pop the condom on right away and get busy.  Once you have a success you'll know everything works and get your confidence back.  
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Relax, it's called performance anxiety. The more you think about it the worse it gets.
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