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can't keep or stay erect during sex

i've been having trouble staying hard long enough to please my wife we do foreplay and other things and i just don't have enough to get my wife over the edge i am 51 an was just diagnosed with diabetes due to accute pancreatitis by losing 3/4 of my pancreas to infection i really love my wife and want to please her what are my options anyone im open for suggestions thanks
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Your description of the problem suggests erectile dysfuction. Diabetes is a risk factor for this condition. You should get evaluated by a urologist for assessment of the condition and risk factors (inadequate control of blood sugar, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels etc).

In case of arteriogenic erectile dysfuction a class of drug known as PDE5 inhibitors (e.g Viagra) can prove to be useful provided there are no contraindications for its prescription.

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Have you ever thought of using viagra? It's not that expensive and you are pretty much guarenteed for your erection to last.
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I'm experiencing similar situation.   Same age, Diabetic Type II.  I also am being treated for sleep apnea and hypertension.  At last doc visit, I mentioned my ED problem.  He cut my water pill for hypertension by 25 mg to see if there is an improvement.   That was 3 to 4 weeks ago.  No success.  :(  

Wife has been very patient, but I feel as if I am not pleasing her at all!  rugbydan suggested viagra, but my doc said hold off.   Not sure if there is a toxicology issues or not.  

Meanwhile, still frustrated......I can relate to your issue, dnv048.
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I am also having the same problem, except that I do not have diabetes...so I don't have any medical reason. Aside from viagra is there any other more natural supplements I can take?
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I also have had same kind of problems that really started to bother me... Now ive been using viagra for a few months and i must say that it truly has been a miraclemaker...atleast for me that is..and cant see why it wouldnt be that for others as well.

I infact ordered it online since my buddy recommended that...i think the site was www.straightmansweb.com or something...
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My husband was diagnosed with diabetes 5 years ago. He will be 36 this month. We have tried Viagra and another drug Ciala ( not sure of the spelling) none of these seem to work very long. It takes 30m of fore play every time and when he gets an erection it only last about 5m. We have been to the urologist, no results. His medical doctor feel as if this is something he will have to deal with, but I feel so sorry for him. He is still able to give me an organism, but I want him to have one. What can I do to help my husband. He is still very young.
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Doctors are full of **** these days! None of them do not seem to know the answers these days but they charge a fortune for a doctors visits. Herbs such as Dandelion, Uva Ursi and Bladderwrack will not only help with his blood sugar and suppress his appetite but will increase his sex drive. He will get hard, trust me.  
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My husband's doctor prescribed Cialis for e.d. and tho it worked, we were concerned about side effects, and it did give him heartburn a lot of the time.   I did some research and found a natural product called Super-X; so I ordered some, thinking it probably wouldn't work as well.
I can tell you this much: it works. ; )   I don't know if we can recommend companies, so I won't post where I bought it, but I'm sure a search will lead you to a good source, and you can read what is in it, etc.  
Just wanted to let you know there are other things out there than the prescription meds. : )
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I'm 26 and my boyfriend just turned 33. We have an amazing sex life and are completely attracted to each other. The foreplay is great until we get to the sex part...then he goes flaccid, on and off. After about 10mins of intercourse he basically gives up. It's really frustrating for the both of us and we don't understand it! He's thinking about taking viagra but I think there's something else to it. What gives?
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A related discussion, d was started.
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He's always had an issue with staying hard sometimes it's great most times he goes soft get back up then soft again I'm a very sexually aggressive women and I need sex it's starting to really frustrate me he smokes cigarettes and he has a bad hip and takes medicine but I don't know what could be the cause could he just not b into me or have Ed or could he b gay or cheating I have no clue??? I need help because I'm at the end of my rope
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