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condom broke, we need your help!

this afternoon my boyfriend and i were having sex and he noticed the condom broke so he pulled out. he didnt *** but im very concerned i may be pregnant or something may have happened. i am on the pill but thats the only conceptive method other than a condom. what are your suggestions?
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if he pulled out be for he**** i would say ur fine i used that form of prevention for 1 1/2yr and never got preg. till i wanted to and if something ever happens there is a thing called plan B u can get it at a clinic for free and complety confiditional but must be used with in 24hr after the accdent and as long as ur taking ur pill as directed by dr and not missing any ur safe form preg. but not diesases
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If you are on the pill, using it correctly, AND using a condom, it is less than 1% likely that you are pregnant. I would not worry about it too much until it is time for you to have your period.
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okay i have been using the pill correctly until i forgot to take it last night. this is the biggest scare of my life. idk what to do! it ponders over me day by day! and its too late to take plan B.
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