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I have Type ll Diabetes and I have ED when I am able to get an erection is not enough to perform intercourse I also feel that I do not have as much desire I tried Levitra before all I got is an amazing headache is there something else I can try?
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Yes there is something you can do about ED---Find a clinic that uses a vasodialtor medication that you use to inject yourself into the penis that can cause the blood to flow into the penis and get erect--within minutes.  One on the drugs used is PGE and just causes the penis to get full of blood.  When the medication is metabolized the erection subsides.

I know it sounds crazy but I have injected over  a hundred patients and have had very good results.

I use a very fine 31 guage needle and the patient hardly knows it---and they do it to themselves with great results.

You can ask a urologist if he offers this in his practice or can refer you to someone that does cavernosal injection therapy.  Read about PGE.

Hope this helps--David
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Have you had your testosterone levels checked?

Does Levitra always give you a headache or does that vary with your blood sugar level?

Either way, tightly controlling your blood sugar is the best way to help the ED. See bloodsugar101.com for more info.
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