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erection problem, and quick ejaculation

i was 25 ys old. and i had erection problem.
i wont get erection on every morning. i wll happen monthly once or twice.
i had sex with my gf several times. but im facing erection problem.
1st time pennies wll erect strongly but ejaculated within seconds. from second time onward my pennies wll not erect strongly. it wll erect semi state.
and it takes long time to erect from second time onwards and less time to ejaculate. i couldn't able to satisfy my gf. please help me.
and one more problem is ...im becoming lean day by day. and losing muscle mass. even my hair became dry. but my thyroid levels were normal.
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Hi Ravan, The best thing you can do the moment is get your testosterone levels tested and take it from there, does your beard not grow as much, if so along with your muscle bulk slowly going all signs of low testosterone.
Good Luck
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thank you for ur valuable response.
can u specify the best time to go for testosterone test.  why i am asking this is ...once i went for testosterone test but unfortunately on that day morning i got erection. so the test results came as im having high testosterone.

if i had low testosterone levels. what kind of treatment i need to take??
how much long i need to take medication.???
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Hi Ravan. To get tested you need to be there first thing in the morning, this is when they will get the best level.
The meds for this would be up to your doctor or uro, and length of time on them would depend on many factors.
Have you not thought of trying to raise your testosterone levels naturaly, exersize, weight lifting, or just doing a power workout, or if you have a job that means doing heavy work load lifting and moving heavy weights, you will need pysical work, at 25 this may be your best way to go.
Hope this helps
Good Luck
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Hi Nohard ...thanx for your valuable reply.
yesterday i went for the total testosterone test. but i surprised after seeing  my results
my results says. i am having elevated total testosterone. i am specifying my lab results below please check it.

Total Testosterone  ...result ..933.19 ng/dL ....ref range :241 - 827

but i am facing ED problem. less libido, hair fall, ruf hair, becoming lean day by day and huge pimples on my back, i wont get erection on morning, quick ejaculation, decreased muscle mass,

please specify the what might be the reason for these problems.
i am having normal thyroid levels also.
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Hi Raven, if your testosterone is over the top like yours, then this can have the reverse effect on our bodys, low libido and the rest I think you will find all stems from this.
Google natural ways to get testosterone down, as it goes down things shoul improve.
Good Luck
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my age is 30,my pennis is not getting erect and i am unable to do sex. please help me out.should i consult to Dr.
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