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hormones, bipolar issues, sexual control issues

I'm a 37-year old single male who has been diagnosed with bipolar-schizoaffective illness, and I've got a lot of testosterone levels causing me to need to masturbate to relieve myself, once or twice a day.  I feel so good in my head afterwards, it's very addictive.  I have a Christian counselor who tells me I need to be involved in Sexaholics Anonymous, because it's a sin to masturbate to porn.  (I can't get "started" without some jump start,  porn seems to help me, and I'm able to lay the magazine down and finish to climax in 15-20 minutes.)  I do have sexual control issues: I can't control buying new magazines, I can't control my money flow in the area of sexual arena of strip clubs or adult websites.  I wonder what I can do to get out of this mess.  I do feel a conviction that shames me after promiscuous encounters, and I really don't know how I feel about magazine porn.  I've done it since I was 22 yrs old.  My counselor says in bipolar and depressed individuals, their frontal areas in the brain where decision making and common sense stem from is damaged or not working correctly.  So the brain looks to the back of the brain where emotions are, and bases decisions on that.  

I just know that I am confused.  And I'm scared and stressed out.  I'm not sure where to turn anymore for answers.  Everyone has got different answers.  I always pray that God will reveal to me HIS truth for my life.  But I'm weak at believing my own convictions, because I know I'm 1/2 lunatic having bipolar, poor at making decisions, and not very trusting.  Please help me if you can.

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This forum is for addressing emotional and psychological concerns related to erections, and your concern is way too complex for a site such as this.

I'm so sorry that you feel badly and so out of control. I'm wondering if you are taking any medication for your bipolar illness. There are many helpful new medications that you might investigate. Also realize that, although there are many "belief systems" when it comes to human behavior, there is also science. One option for you might be to see a counselor who bases their treatment on scientific data rather than beliefs.

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Sounds perfectly normal to me.
I went through the same sexual stage when I was your age.
The cure was getting married.
My loneliness went away.
My perfectly normal God-given sexual desire was taken care of.
Although I too have had lifelong depression, I never considered my sexual desire to be a disease or a problem, just one more human need that required satisfaction, like thirst, hunger, need to urinate, stay warm in winter, cool in summer, dry in the rain, and wet in the dry (ie going swimming at the appropriate time and place).
Sorry to see you didn't receive any response to your simple post.
Anyone in the real world solve answer you similarly. Maybe you are consulting too many "experts" by which I mean doctors of every stripe, mental health people, academics, scientists, researchers, or others who are paid for their services. These people all have a vested interest in NOT solving your problem efficiently and inexpensively.
You might try listening to more music (Mick Jagger made a million singing "I Can't Get No....Satisfaction". For spiritual advise, Bob Dylan in his post-conversion period is helpful. Learn to dance -that solved ever[y one of my problems-depression, loneliness, getting horny, lack of exercise-I hate gyms, weight loss, etc. Try going to a "Five Rythymns" or "Sweat Your Prayers"  class in your area-do a web search, or search under "Gabrielle Roth".)
Got it?
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