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is my testosterone normal

i am 24 years, male.i am currenty diagonosed ADHD anxiety (panic attacks,GAD) and minor depression. my current meds are  lexapro 10mg in the morning and ritalin 10 mg 3 or 4 times. i am also having impotence and premature ejaculation. ssri has removed it but the impotence is there.... the long and short.. iam 100 percent satisfied in case of adhd but not in others (dep,anxiety , libido,....) . i am very lethargic physicaly. so i got my testosterone tested here are hte reults plz comment on it. i will go to urologist next friday.

(its immuno tech )  dont know what exactly this word at top of the report mean.
normal range:(.5-10)
mine is 6.7

normal range is (1.3-11.5)
mine is 4.5

Testosterone (ήg/ml)
normal range is (2.6-11) [(ήg/ml)]
mine is 3.6  [(ήg/ml)]

is my testo level low ?

i have never gone for this test. this is my first testo test. earlier i tested my thyroid and the are fairly normal acc to doctor . besides i am having ed for the past 6 yrz.........

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The normal level of testosterone is between 350 and 1,000 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl) but ED is a multifactorial condition and testosterone is not the only possible cause. SSRIs are also a major cause of ED but not all antidepressants have sexual side effects (e.g. STABLON is considered safe and may even improve your libido).

You said you were going to see a doctor soon. Don't forget to tell him about the antidepressants you're currently taking and keep us posted on that. Good luck!
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hello kruxk,

we might experience the same case. Im male, 24...last year i found that i suffer from depression, anxiety, low sexual desire, premature ejaculation n erection problem. All this thing make me stress and depress, only god knows my psychological disturbance at that time.

i never give up, and start looking for the cure. i try herbal medcine like ginkgo biloba, fish oil and saw palmetto (4 my falling hair). im a agriculturist rite now and my interest is looking for a natural therapy and thats why i exploring herbal medcines. But all the herbal didnt give me significant improvement. I frustrated, my problems still cant be solved. Depression worsen.

Until one day, i found interesting article about natural healing. To understand this, we have to open our mind and not look illness at the science's point of view. It's all about Qi (Chee). This is how ancient chinese sages heal their patient.  Chi is a life-force and it circulate around the body through its path called 'meridian'. When the chi flow blocked, stagnated or the chi is imbalance, it creates illness. This is the basic concept. Jing (one form of chi is stored in kidney..over sexual activity, or over masturbation make jing depleted. It makes kidney energy depleted, causing blurry vission, buzzing ears, low back pain, hair fall and impotency)

I start read a lot about chee and practise a simple qigong excersise.  Overtime, i gradually improved. I no stress anymore and my body recharged litle by little. To cure my premature ejaculation problems, i start to learn 'Sexual qigong'. It takes time to deal with, but after a long time practising, rite now i have total control with my ejaculation. One time, i having sex for one hour, sumthing that i cant imagine before this (only last for 10 secs only!!)  Im very2 lucky as my country, Malaysia have a plenty of Qigong masters and i learn deeper from them.

Practising inner smile before go to bed, will make me have strong erection tomorrow morning. I take GNC multivitamins and L-Arginine to maintain healthy blood fow, and it works.

Happy to help. =)

p/s: sorry for my broken english

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