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low libido and results

I really don't know what my problem is exactly but recently I feel like no energy, no libido, no motifvition, basically I don't feel like my old self.  By the way I am a man, 27 years of age about 6 foot and  200 lbs.  My doctor ordered blood test for me and here are the results:

TSH 1.03 MU/L  (0.30-4.70)

Cortisol 407 Nmol/L ( 79-536)

LH Serum 3.5 IU/L  (1.1-8.8)

FSH Serum 3.1 IU/L (1.0-13.6)

Testosterone Serum 13.0 Nmol/L (6.0-30.0)
              before it was about 15 Nmol/l, as you can see it dropped.

Free Testosterone  50.1   Pmol/L (15.6-146)

Estroidal   75 Pmol/L  (0-161)

As you can see above my testosterone, lh, fsh level are low normal I can't get a hold of any Endo's and my doctor is giving me hard time about any medication like arimidiex, clomid, or hcg.  I never felt like this before that is why I decided to test my self.  Also as you can see my cortisol is very high normal and I know it also disturbs hormonal balance.  I didn't check prolactin yet.  I just don't know what to do or to steer where.  Your input would be appreciated. Do you see any abnormalities and anybody going through this?
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How is my estroidal high, don't forget it is in Pmol/L if it were in pg/ml it would be 20 pg/ml.  Also what can I take to reduce this, if it is possible?

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I would describe myself in much the same way, med test.  Similar age, height/weight, and description of how I've felt for almost a year.  My urologist tested my testosterone only, which he concluded was normal, and said he expected my situation to improve.  Well, it has not, and it is causing me major stress.

I first began having problems about a year ago soon after a breakup.  Since then, I have not felt right.  My level of sexuality plummeted, and I simply don't know what to do.  Have there been any traumatic occurrences lately in your life?
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I am not a physican but it does seem that your Estroidal is a little high. I am 56 yrs. old with low testosterone. I take self administered testosterone injections every two weeks.Makes me have more energy,libido, and motivation. The only negative side effect for me is that an excess of testosterone will raise the estrogen levels. If I take a small amount of arimidiex-no problems. Hope this helps.
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