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low semen volume

i am a 44 year old male. i have noticed that just in the past year my semen volume has diminished to just a  drop when i ejaculate. My penis no longer throbs and my testicles have gotten alot smaller.And my penis doesnt get all taht firm when erect.Even if i go a month without ejaculating or no matter how aroused i am it stays the same. Is this something i should see a doctor about and if so, what do i need to ask the doctor. I have been before and they just seem to blow it off like its no big deal. Saying "It`s not the amount thats important, its the quality" Well from my point of view my orgasms dont feel good anymore like they did when i use to actually pump out some fluid. What gives?????????
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I had one day a sudden reduction of sperm about 20 times less, just a few droplets. Then in just 6 months the time to ejaculate started to shorten until today if I do not take any medication I ejaculate immediately, this could be because I am not getting such a hard erection.

Currently I am suspecting that I have some form of sperm leakage. I suspect that during the day sperm is constantly leakage due to a damage to the so 'valve' that lets sperm out. If this is the case than it can even explain the decreased sexual interest and feeling very fatigued after ejaculating.

Although there sure are supplements which can help with such problem, I do not know if there is some kind of operation for such problem.  
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I'm not a doctor but this may be related to a drop in testosterone levels. I suggest you go see a urologist and do some tests. I also suggest you try to improve your lifestyle (eat healthy, get some exercise): this is the best possible way to increase your testosterone levels.
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Ditto:The following similarily stated by "lowdose:  "I'm a 62 year old male. I have noticed that just in the past several years my semen volume has diminished to just a  drop when i ejaculate. My penis no longer throbs and my testicles seemed to have gotten a lot smaller. My sex drive is much reduced and my climaxes are almost pseudo. My penis does'nt get all that firm when erect and I don't walk up in the moring with an erection as in the past. Even if I go a month without ejaculating or no matter how aroused I am it stays the same. When I do ejacualte its with great labor and then only clear sperm comes out with little or no semen. I've talked to my family doctor but he does'nt see it as a serious concern. He says its part of our aging mechanism to discourage men from "wandering". No big deal! But it is to me. Is there anything that can be done.
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