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my husband

Iam 25 years girl and jus married a month ago......it took time for me and my spouse to have fun........actually my spouse likes and loves me .....but he is not getting aroused .......what should be done in sex .......how much time should be the roleplay to reach climax.......should there be my part in arousing him.......
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Hi Suma, I think the best thing for you would be Dr Betty Dodson, so just google dodson and ross, here you will find all the answers you looking for when it comes to sex, its like all the questions you were affraid to ask, then there you will find all the answers.
Now if you think he has some kind of Ed erectile dysfuction, and dont want drugs then please come back to me, I'm on herbs and a hormone for ED.
Good Luck
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It's not obligatory taking such meds as Viagra as they have a lot of side effects. He may try Maxidus (https://www.medstore-online.cc/Maxidus-c-1226.html) It is 100% herbal and  longest-lasting..Absolutely natural..
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Dear Suma,
Whats the age of ur husband ??
Does he smokes ??
Does he drinks alcohol ??
There may be many reasons for not getting erections, may be due to work stress or some other tension.
Wen u guys r making love, then u shud delicately involve in each other.
(Example - u r ready for sex both physically and mentally but ur husband is ready physically but thinking some thing else may be work or other issues, then how will he attain erection). I guess u got it

& yes, ur part can arouse him.
Just make him feel sexy,
u guys can do more and more foreplay before sex. regarding foreplay time, it depends upon person to person (for some one may be 5-10 mins of foreplay is enough for some one it can be for 30-40 minutes),  i am sure u will have a better sex life.
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It's seems  your husband has Erectile Dysfunction.

To overcome this problem :-

Erectile Dysfunction (ED, Impotence) also know as Erectile disorder
Erectiel Dysfunction occurs due to the insufficient blood supply to the male penile organ or the penis is not able to hold the blood for a long time.

Erectile Dysfunction may cause due to:-

1. Psychological reactions such as stress, anxiety, guilt, depression
2. Smoking: Smoking effects blood flow in veins and arteries, and hormonal abnormalities(Low Testosterone)
3. ED can cause due to disease, injury, side effects of drugs and nerve injuries.
4. Fear of sexual failure
5. Consuming alcohol
6. Over eating and Over weight


1. Viagra/ anti-impotence Medicine
2. Healthy life style
3. Nutritious Diet
4. Exercise daily
5. Quit smoking
6.Do Yoga
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Most likely it is not ED. I think he is nervous, very nervous about his performance. If he doesnt have any other problems i suggest that he take viagra. As he gradually "learns" how to do it, his anxiety will ease and he will become a pro without the drug.
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" I think he is nervous, very nervous about his performance."

I'd agree most likely.  If her husband is a virgin, which is I think pretty typical for India, he has no previous experience with women.  And unrealistic expectations of how he needs to perform. People build the first time up to be something big, and usually it's not.

Only suggestions I have is.

Mentions to him when you aren't in bed that you think he's nervous, and it's okay. Take a more active role in bed. Guys that are shy often are afraid to make the first move.  It's the crossing of personal boundaries, thy aren't used to doing it, so they freeze up.

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