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not enouph erection for penetration

dear doctor,
during sex with my partner i have a week erection, and can't be able for penetration. the mood of sex is high, feeling high pleasure.. i tried using viagra and cialis and caverject(aprostadil injections), the erection improved little but still can't penetrate. and it comes sometimes without erection. on cialis i took 4 tablets 4 days consecutive. during the the first 2 days i got the morning erection when waking up, but not that good. the next 2 days, no morning erection. and usually i dont have morning erection. my age now is 26 years old. from age 11 till 20 i used to masturbate by bending and squeezing the penis from the half like the shape of "U" but downward, preventing the penis to erect.

it seems that i injured my organ i don't know?!
and i don't know from these information i provided can you explane what is happenning with me?
and what could be the cure or treatment, and which doctor should i see (urology, sex therapist, familly doctor..)?

thank you very much , i appreciate your quick reply. it is an important issue between me and my wife cause we are planning for the baby..
best regards,
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First of all, I'm curious about how you got all these medications as well as the caverjet, without seeing a physician. And if you ARE, in fact, under a physician's care, why not ask him or her?

Generally speaking, if you aren't having morning erections, an injury or medical condition is impeding blood flow to your penis, affecting erection.

A urologist can examine you, run tests and diagnose whether you have any physican condition that needs treating. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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actually i was in lebanon, there went to several physician but no one told me the diagnosis.. they told me to try these medications. now i am in canada and i am waiting the health card to start moving. a physician  in lebanon told me that the cavernosa tissue is damage and the cure is to do a plastic surgery and replace the cavernosa by plastic organ. so i was afraid and i didn't go for it.. the other physicians told me that nothing wrong, it is a matter of psychology. so they gave me these medication to surpass the psychological problem.. i am worried cause still i don't know what is the problem and also what to do.. this is my first month here in canada.
thanks doctor for your reply..
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This is very confusing to me; no wonder you're confused too! One physician tells you that you have damage, and others say it's psychological. In any case, you're not getting the help you need.

Needless to say, as soon as you receive your health card, see a urologist for a thorough exam. If, in fact, you have little or no physical damage, then you need to look at what it is about being sexual with your wife that is causing you anxiety and discomfort. It may be that your situation is partly physical and partly emotional, by which I mean that there may have been some damage to your penis that impedes blood flow, but this is complicated by any anxiety and discomfort you feel. The more you worry about this, the more you'll interfere with your ability to feel pleasure. And feeling pleasure is dependent on being relaxed and open to it.

I think a good first step for you would be to find out some more about men's sexual issues. I highly recommend the book "The New Male Sexuality" by Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., widely available online, both used and in paperback. This book has helped thousands of men to understand their sexuality and enhance their sexual pleasure. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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