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numb penis and scrotum and other body parts

hi dr janice ,im eperiencing severe numbness in my penis and scrotum! this happened exactly 9 months ago when i woke up in the morning and i was all numb down the genital areas,, now something did happen i beleive thats what caused it ! ive been to so many urologists and neurologists and had done so many tests and all was fine nothing showed in blood works so many MRIs on survical spine lower lumbar sacral spine and brain .. testasterone level and all u can think of! they all tell me it is phsycological problem and that its all in my head ! which is hard to beleive!! there no improvements ever since ,and still suffering from it. now let me tell u what happened before i got numb.

exactly about a year ago i started getting brainwashed about penise size and all these commercials on tv about bigger is better,so i started watching so much porns and started beleiving that that was the reality and started seeing my self very small to a point where it started concerning me alot! now i met a girl right then and sex didnt work out well since i was losing my erection all the time and started feeling ashamed of it ! but this girl made me feel so bad about myself and about my size that i started stressing so much over it to a point where sex was not enjoying but i kept on forcing my self cos im a little stubborn person.. she used to talk to me abouut sizes and all! anyway so one day while we were gonna have sex,again i lost my erection and i really got scared to a point where i started having anxieties and worrying that whats wrong with me ! i tried to masturbate for so long after she left and couldnt achive any erection .that scared me so muchh and stressed me out so muchh and then the following day i wake up all numb and it has been like that ever since!! no doctors were helpful since theres no phisical illness or deseases! please help me with this problem as its really affecting my life and cant get it off my head ! any suggestion?
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Hi Eraser.

You’re right. You’ve created this situation for yourself. It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful the brain is.

I can’t tell you what’s going on because you, yourself are the only one who knows that, and you have the answer, not me. Take a deep breath, and read on.

This is happening because of your anxiety, stress and discomfort. Since you’ve undergone all the tests and they don’t indicate any physiological conditions, we have to assume it is, indeed, an emotional reaction to your negative experience. It’s important to realize that the brain is so powerful that it can create a situation in which you feel removed from your body and numb. Now, you need help getting back in touch with yourself.

You state that everything feels numb; but I’m wondering if perhaps because it feels DIFFERENT that it did before, you interpret that as numbness. Sometimes, when we don’t feel good about a sexual part of our body, we cut off all feeling to it, creating what I call “crotch anesthesia.” If you hate something enough, you’ll feel less and less when it’s touched.

So what can you do? The first thing is promise NEVER, EVER to listen to those horrible messages that bigger is better. They are designed to sell you a product, not to help you. And stay away from women who make you feel bad about yourself. You might want to look at whether you’re particularly vulnerable to these kinds of messages. Do you always end up with people who make you feel bad or wrong or guilty?

I think a helpful first step for you is to learn more about male sexuality, which will help increase your self-image and confidence. The book I recommend for all men is “The New Male Sexuality,” by Bernie Zilbergeld, Ph.D., widely available online, but used and in paperback. This book has helped thousands of men, and I know it will help you. After reading it, if you still feel you need help, you might consider consulting a therapist who is trained to help people with sexual concerns. Best of luck to you. Dr. J
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hmm i'm sure janice will get back to you .. what other parts of you is numb beside your genitals? it sounds like something neurological
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thank u so much dr.janice ..i really read ur answer carefully and its just what i expected with more details included!! no i never end up with girls like this!! ive had a very good sex drive troughout my experience untill this girl came across! and yes about the numbness maybe i explained it wrong! but yeah totally loss of sensation to the touch! like anesthesia!!i already ordered the book and im gonna read it! and if i wont get the help enough can u recommend me or tell me whats the specific therapist i should go to ? like a sex therapist or sexologist or what kind? thank u again for ur great answerr i appreciate u alot :) ur the only person that knew exactly what is going with me ..at least u told me that theres a way to reconnect with my body and that the body will not remain numb like that ..u gave me a hope in my life again :) i appreciate it .
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I'm so happy to hear back from you. You're on the right track, and I encourage you to keep me posted.

Once you've read the book, check back in and let me know how you're doing. If you feel you'd like additional help, click on my name a the top of the page and leave a message for me, telling me your location. I can probably refer you to a sexologist in your area. Wonderful to hear from you! Dr. J
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