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penis problem ???

Hi,  my husband has had this prblem for over 12 months but refuses to go to the doctors.. he is on medication called metoprolol but the hospital change it to atenelol, he was only on it for a few weeks as it caused him lots of problems including, he cant have intercourse as it is too painful for him, although he can masturbate and get an erection no problem, he finds it uncomfortable when passing urine as well, he has no swelling or discharge or itching etc the skin on the end of his penis has gone really dry and wiont pull back at all.  it used to as he was circumcised when he was 8 years old.   i keep nagging him to go to the doctors as he really gets stressed over this problem, but without knowing what it is it cant get any better, just worse.   can anyone give me an idea what this could be  .

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Try first having the doctor check all medications, asking if there are some that will cause this type of problem.  He needs to go to the doctor about this, it sounds like a serious thing for your husband..I only say t his because anything invol ing pain is serious to me. I am not a doctor....just someone else looking for answers like you are.
Hopefully this will be resolved soon for him, as well as you.
ps. I would also ask the pharmacist it there are side effects with what he is taking. You can call and give them the list of meds, I have done this  with a differant name because I was embarassed. Its just for your own information and they are glad to help out.
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