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poor sex time

i m recently married . i m suffering form PE is there any tablet so i can enjoy my married life. plz help me out.
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Hi , after how much time do u ejaculate after you push it in, if its 2-3 minutes then you should not take any medicine and do breathing excercise daily   30-45 minutes to improve it further, if its less than a minute , you can try depoxitne HCL tablets 30 minutes before intercourse.
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i ejuculate in 1-2 minutes.
can i take  depoxitne HCL tablets without consulting doctor
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You can take ...but better to consult doctor,its short term SSRI which is specifically designed for this puspose only.

But you can also go for  ayurvedic or Herbal treatment rather than taking depoxetine,do you have any other issue as well like ED or something?

I will  suggest first go for ayurvedic or herbal medicine with  breathing excercises.it will take some time but its best way to tackle PE issue
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no ED problm just PE.
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ED and PE; consequences are the same. Abdominal breathing calms you extra excitement . If you insert very slowly as if threading a needle and wait after insertion, you may be able to prolong erection. Thrusting should be with pauses in between.This you will be able to do after some practice.This is a normal with newly weds.Fear of failure is imp. cause of premature ejaculation. sometime glans can be too sensitive. You may make it less sensitive by applying small quantity of Lidocaine ointment on glans only(not on foreskin or shaft.)Study Pranayam and learn and practice.
Aurvedic patent medicine of Himalay Drug Laboratories.;Tentex Fort was quite popular. They might have changed its name. Any chemist will inform you.
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ok ...take herbal medicines for 3-6 months with breathing excecises ........keep sexual frequency not more that once in 4-5 days......keep your mind out of sexual thoughts .....only think about sex while having sex.....donot stimulate it unnecessary.........you should be good in 6 months

you can buy NF-cure capsules ...take 1-1 capsules morning and evening for 3months ...........then reduce to 1 in evening for next 3 months.. enjoy you are in much better condition bro dont worry .........
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thanks for the valuable suggestios.
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Hard to do, but try not to make the situation worse by getting mad, insulting and things like that. They will turn off and not even try to work on the issue.
They do desire you and want to make you happy, feel loved, and desired. They will begin to look at themselves as failures, without hope of keeping the one person they want to please happy.
Very hard to do, just remember being negative just creates more negatives.
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