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sex intercource issue

Hi, i am very seriously suffering from sex issue, i am 27 years old, and my issue is that I discharge very fast. even some time before injecting.... some time while kissing my gf.. its happen to me always, in masturbation it took not more then 15 to 20 seconds,  Could you please help on this , any kind of medical test or kindly let me know the perfect diet which i can use to increase my intercourse ....
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Dear Pakstuff
I would suggest you right now and do not delay!
I am suggesting you an exercise ''Kegal'' its just a workout like the other muscles on your body, its called a PC muscle just right behind your anas you use it when you control on your pee.... so what you have to do is just work it out hold it as long as much you can then release it then hold it again and continuously do it hopefully after a week or some you will get the results.
PS: You can do this exercise anywhere even while you are driving or sitting at the front of your family.

Hope i helped.

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-for your better sex life go to the market to get some multivitamins A to Zinc supplement.
Where do you live? so i can suggest you the supplement which you can get easily from there.
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i am living in saudi arabia riyadh, what are the best multivitamins ?
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I dont know if you can get any brand which i know... i would say go to the pharmacy and ask to then about ''Multivitamins & Minerals'' supplement.
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Premature ejaculation is easily treatable and a doctor will be able to help you. Go see a urologist. There are several drugs that may help control sympathetic action in the penis (ejaculation is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system) but only your urologist can say what's best for you. Do some research on this subject, as well: read books, search the internet, talk to doctors. The more you know about these problems, the less anxious you will be.
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