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weak erections and shrinkage at 24? how? damage?

im a healthy 24 year old male who has recently over the past year or so started noticing that my penis seemed to be shrinking. I used to be 7.5-8" long and 5.5" in girth but, about 8 months ago began to try some new things with a girl i had been seeing (including using **** rings, penis rings, anal play, and sometimes things would get a bit rough down there) and started to notice that my penis seemed to be smaller when flaccid and my erections were much less potent. i was on psych meds at the time and wrote the issues off as being related to them, but recently ive been able to go off all medication, and upon re-measurement i only dial in at 6.5-7" long and 5" in girth and cant maintain an erection unless being stimulated and even then they arent as potent. before i used to stand long and strong for hours...and im only 24. i just got into a new relationship with a girl that is very important to me, weve had sex once and i encountered the same issues with trouble maintaining a strong erection, and i know women....this is a huge problem for her and she just doesnt want to tell me. im extremely worried i may have damaged a ligament, vessel, or muscle down there. i noticed an enlarged vein on the right side that i dont remember being there before, but when i went to the dr to get examined he told me it was perfectly normal. its never been there before and its perfectly normal? i was entirely honest about my recent sexual experiences, he assured me there was no visible damage, no scar tissue, and given the results of a urinalysis no sign of urinary tract infection. i was referred to a urologist but have yet to receive a call back to set my appointment. coming from being an incredibly sexually healthy young man to this in just the past year is absolutely devastating. i was ALWAYS VERY proud of my size and performance in the bedroom and now...im self conscious? ive tried kegel exercises the past two days and even in the past two days ive been able to hold an erection longer but the length and girth just arent anywhere near the same. someone please provide me with some insight to the problem... also experiencing weaker ejaculation. is it possible that in the 8 months i was not sexually active that im just not in great sexual health? regardless i dont understand how being celibate for only 8 months could cause something like shrinkage, weak erections, weak ejaculation etc... this is all i can think about its starting to affect my job and my insecurities are affecting my relationship. ive read that none of the enhacement pills on the market work, the extender devices have some research to back them but i need something to happen like RIGHT NOW...i cant live like this...someone please HELP!

im an ex iv meth user used about 4 times a month for a year i smoke 10 cigarettes a day been entirely drug and alcohol free for 6 months
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6.5 inch length of erect penis is normal. Vagina is sexually sensitive up to 2 inch depth only. So 2 inch erect penis can satisfy his partner. Kegel exercise is good. You should do it for longer period to get the result. Anal peripheral prostate massage is better than kegel. you can also do male deer exercise. Self measurment of penis is usually wrong. It is measured with great care. So do not bother to measure your penis. length is okay. If it has retracted it will come out with the massage of coconut oil.Use virgin coconut oil.  Do not laugh at this suggestion. Do it. for a week. You can learn kundalini yoga to enhance your sexual strength. It is a long term process. If you learn and do it seriously, you can change your overall life. wish you best of luck.
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Well done on being drug and alcohol free for 6 months. That can't have been easy for you.
Anti-psychotic drugs can cause some genital shrinkage and this is not fully reversible when you discontinue the medication. So in a sense, physically, what you have got down there is what you have got. Stop measuring it and stop fretting about it. Its fine.
Now on the functionality side you have got yourself tied up in knots from obsessing and watching yourself. Once you are in the audience looking at yourself trying to perform you are doomed to failure. Take intercourse off the menu for a while. Tell that new girlfriend that you are doing off duty and that she can do all the work. Learn to laugh at yourself and have fun. This will all come right as soon as you get out of the space you are in at the moment.
And by the way, don't expect too much from the urologist. You are only being sent to him because the GP did not know what else to do with you.
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So, you've not smoked for six months?  That's good as nicotine causes arteries to narrow, the opposite of what's useful.

It's well enough known that using c-rings can be risky, and -- a meth I.V. user, too.  Well, there certainly might have been some damage, hopefully reversible with time.   As to being assessed, there's so much variance between patients that only change (between earlier and now) as comparable by before and after photographs, would have much meaning to a doctor or urologist, in the absence of recorded measurements at physical checkups, unless there's something blatant like lack of function or gross visible to anyone defect.  Doctors deal in disease, something not working, and so far, you're still functional, albeit at a lower level by your estimate.

My suggestion:  keep a careful record of any measurements, store private photos.  With the intent of repeating this every three or six months indefinitely to be able to look back and do close comparisons, until you've a better handle on the situation (improving, worsening, staying the same).  

It is Change, that you now want and need to track reliably.
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