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I'm a 32 yr old female.  For the past two years I've been having painful swallowing.  Whenever I swallow anything, everytime I swallow.  I've been to (5) different specialists and have had several tests ran, and alot of lab work done.  Been to the ER at least (4) times from the anxiety of thinking I was having a heart attack.  Here is a quick list - upper scope, lower scope, hida scan, mri - head, neck, spine, meylogram, barium swallow, ct chest scan - with and without contract, chest x-rays, abdominal x-rays, and a treadmill test.  Everything has came back normal, nothing is wrong, everything is fine.  
It's like I constantly hurt all the time, wether it's my left arm tingling/burning, my shoulder tingling with the pins & needles sensation, chest pain, nexk pain, headaches, depression and anxiety.  But my main complaint is the painful swallowing.  It happens about 2-3 seconds after I swallow, and it's like my upper back in the same area burns, or is on fire.  I can deal with the other pain, but I believe my anxiety is coming from not knowing really what is going on.  I'm in too much pain for it to be nothing.  Does anybody out there know if esophageal spasms can cause all of this, or I am scared to death that I have throat cancer undiagnosed or something.  I just want to feel better for the sake of my wonderful husband and daughter.  This is really starting to affect my way of life.  If anybody has any comments or suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.  One doctor has mentioned auto-immune, one has mentioned fibromyalgia.  I've been to (2) neurologist, gastro, orthopedic, gp, and a pulmonary doctor.  
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I can relate to the anxiety problem. Your symtoms sounds similar to what i had going on with me. I to had many blood tests, stress test and finally found esophagitis after an endoscopy.  Yea, the anxiety was terrible and might be whats causing some of your problems. Once i found what the cause, i at least started to relax about searching for an answer. But now the work of trying to fix my health problem is another venture. It sounds like what you have may either be GERD or neck disc related. Have you tried seeing a chiropractor? Also see if you can get another endoscopy done. I had 2 done and it was the second one where they found the esophagitis. So it might be possible that they missed it the first time. Also try an MRI of your neck if you didn't have one. I had to change my diet that help a bit at easing the stomach and throat pain. I stopped drinking alcohol and spicy food. I started taking a spoonful of Manuka Honey at night before i went to sleep. It's suppoed to help heal and esophageal wounds. Take some probiotics and licorice tea after a meal. Hope i helped. Take care of yourself.
Yours in health,
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hi dear ,

dıd you get your problem solved? ı have the same backpaiın for 6 months and ı am exactly feelıng the same wıth you .
ı am really gettıng mad wıth ıt . pls pls reply
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