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24 black female I recently got diagnosed with hpv.. After that I started having symptoms of throat cancer.. Itchy and sometimes burning feeling in throat also it feels like there is a lump inside my throat when I swallow.. This has been on and off for some days and I'm afraid it will not go away.. I'm really scared I honestly think this is throat cancer or some type of cancer. I also have been having night sweats,, does this sound like cancer?
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Go to an ENT and have yourself checked out thoroughly to ease your fears (have them look at your mouth with a scope and check your mouth).  Tell them your symptoms, about the hpv and your oral cancer concern.  Be aggressive getting checked out thoroughly because they'll tell you to open your mouth and throw some antibiotics or acid reflux medicine at you without properly checking you out.

It typically takes 10 to 30 years for hpv to turn into cancer, but when the risk exists it exists.  The only thing you can do now is get your self checked out regularly by and ENT and dentist.  

Take care, try not to stress because that makes it worse and get checked out.

I hope and pray that you don't have cancer (me neither wink wink).
I meant look at your throat with a scope.
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I know how u feel. I don't have a lump in my throat but my tongue tingles and I have swollen lymph nodes .... and some ear aches a Dr said I was ok but I don't buy it.
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