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Troubles with throat

my mom died of throat cancer two years ago,I am having problems with my throat swelling on inside and out,my dr has order lab work,and in the morning I am to be at the hospital at 7;30  for ultrasound  on my  throat,and another test,could it be cancer?
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A complete clinical examination is necessary for correct diagnosis and management .Swelling in the throat can be due to tonsillitis which can be bacterial or viral. Enlarged lymph nodes can also produce swelling on the neck externally. The risk factors for throat cancer are smoking or using smokeless tobacco and use of alcohol. If you do not have symptoms like trouble breathing or speaking, pain or ringing in ears, difficulty in swallowing etc it seems unlikely to be related to throat cancer. See  the concerned specialist and get evaluated at the earliest. Do keep me posted.
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Cancer is not a genetic disease. So do not worry if your mother died with this. Let the reports come first, I just hope it is just a throat infection.
Some of the main signs of throat cancer are:
Bad breath.
Throat discomfort
Lump in throat
Coughing up blood
Difficulty in breathing means suffocation.
If you feel these signs than it can be a big issue otherwise no need to worry at all.  
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