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Yellow bump on tonsil/throat not healing

4 weeks ago I noticed a yellowish bump on my throat. My child had RSV and a co-worker had strep which I had been exposed to. I also started a new CPAP machine therapy at a much higher pressure than I had previously. I had been feeling dizzy and had a mild sore throat and mailasie. 10 days ago I went to doctor who swabbed my throat and put me on antibiotic even though strep test was negative. I completed the treatment but the bump has not gone away. I think my dizziness is due to me needing to adjust to the new cpap pressure. The bump does not hurt and is not bleeding or anything. The doctor called it an "ulcer". I have had a constant post nasal drip that is normal for me during allergy season.

At what point should I be concerned that my bump is not viral or caused by cpap or post nasal drip?

I have pictures I can post if there is a way
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May i see a picture ? You can go to tinypic and upload it and send me a link in my messages
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