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Ok, so this is kinda of hard to explain, but if you work out, before you lose the weight, i know obviously the fat has to go first , but after you do the workout everyday and then run evrryday aswell and eat properly, will your abs come through after all the workout, when you lose the fat? Or, is it a waste of time? Need an answer!
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Genetics have a lot to do with it.  In other words, not everyone has the ability to have picture perfect 6-pack abs.  What kind of ab exercises are you doing?

And no, its not a waste of time.  Working out is making you healthier.  Something like 6 pack abs aren't always the best indicator of who is healthy and who is not.
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brice1967 is correct! but to add to this topic to get a 6 pack takes a lot of work and dedication.
To create definition in their abdominals with consistent and appropriate training. Muscle-building techniques increase the size and definition of your abdominal muscles. However, the length of time it takes to get-six pack abs depends upon your gender, how consistently you train and whether or not you have an excess amount of body fat.
Strength train consistently and follow a hypertrophy, or muscle building, program. That's a high frequency of training sessions, with each session being of high volume. Rectus abdominus muscles like all muscles in your body require a rest from strength training, so allow 48 hours of recovery time between training sessions. Training twice per week is the minimum requirement, but you can achieve quicker results by training three alternate days each week. During each session, complete five different exercises, including basic crunch, bicycle crunch, reverse crunch, straight leg crunch and straight leg lowers. Do three sets of each exercise, completing each set to fatigue.
With consistent training, you should begin to see significant increases in abdominal muscle definition in six to eight weeks. Men, who have more growth hormone and testosterone, are likely to see results more quickly than women. If you google the exercises I mentioned you should see how they are performed.
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Black female........30 y/o......weighing 142lbs......5ft 2in tall.....
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