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♦♦♦♦wich is the best  exercisin you can do in home like sit ups  something that help me i dont get out much thats why i will like to know what can i do at home?
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A treadmill may work for your indoor walking/running.  Jumping rope is great exercise as are good quality mini trampolines, and stationary bikes too.

If you don't wish to make that big an investment, do you have a DVD player ,  VCR or cable TV? There are fitness tapes and videos you can buy or get from the library. There are also cable stations that run exercise shows all day long. If you work out with one of those for  30 minutes a day that would be something.

Denise Austin has an indoor walk DVD for about 10 dollars. It's the equivalent of a mile walk  in 15 minutes and ahs several workouts on it.

Good luck finding something you like to do.

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>wich is the best  exercisin you can do in home

push ups
bodyweiight squats
dumbbells (any exercise possible)

>like sit ups  

No, it-ups are bad for your back and hips.. Since the abdominals are not the primary movers..  Do sit-up sparingly..

>something that help me i dont get out much thats why i will like to know what can i do at home?

If you have any access to dumbbells or barbells please use it and create your own program... try searching the net for useful infos may it be about cardio or exercises..

god bless
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