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Achilles Tenosynovitis - Quick Help?

Hi all, recently diagnosed with Achilles tenosynovitis, and treatment of celebrex is not doing the trick. Not using it normally but cannot rest 24/7. Was not given crutches, concerned my weight (I'm about 40 lbs overweight) is hindering my recovery. Still in pain, limping and have some swelling - all docs told me it should be normal in a few days with the celebrex. I'm traveling and cannot afford to be immobile. I'd like a shot or some kind of quick remedy for now, can get PT in the next month when I'm home. Is this possible? Pls help!
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You do know your doctors know a lot more about this than we do -- have you asked them?  You can get a cortisone shot if you want the risk of one.  As for telling you it would be normal with celebrex, you probably knew at the time it was impossible for them to know that -- individuals differ a ton in how quickly they heal, in how severe the problem is, how long it took to develop, how carefully we stick to the treatment regimen.  Celebrex isn't the safest drug out there, maybe try a different anti-inflammatory such ibuprofen or naproxen.  My own feeling is, don't be in a hurry, you can create a chronic problem that way, but if you're one of those who is in a hurry, then yes, cortisone should be available.
Of course I have, and as mentioned they have chosen a conservative treatment method which is not acceptable given that I am in the city to work. That is the only reason why I am - as you say - "in a hurry." And they actually did tell me this would clear in a few days with just the anti-inflamitories. It has not.
Yeah, I'm going through the exact same thing with hip bursitis -- told me to take 10-14 days off and take ibuprofen and it would be better.  It's not.  Not a bit.  They just lie to us, man, or else they'd never get us out of the office.  If you have to get going, and you don't mind some pain, it looks like the best course for you is the cortisone shot and hope it doesn't cause any permanent tissue damage and actually works -- that's what the pro athletes do to get back on the field quickly, but of course they then end up with permanent injuries so be careful not to over do it even if the cortisone works.  Best of luck.
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