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Advice please??

I've recently had reacurring hypertension after a weekend of drinking (it's rare that I drink) Im healthy other than my moderate LVH ( left ventricular hypertrothy) it's said to have been caused by my hypertension. I gym 4-5 days a week. Recently I checked my bp after feeling my pulse thumping it was 154/72 my systolic is the hardest to control for me. I am on 4 different meds including a beta blocker I take at night. I check up with my cardiologist twice a year sometimes 3 times a yr. how at risk am I of dropping dead? Or having problems that could be tragic? I lift weights I don't lift lightly but I'm not competing so I don't over do it. Is this ok with LVH? How bad is 154/74? My doc said to keep it under 130 although it's hard for me to see that unless I'm sleeping
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            I don't see any problem about your daily routine, keep it that way. I think your living healthy life style.
            Enjoy life!
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Are you saying you never had hypertension until that one weekend?
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No, I've had hypertension for at least 4 years but I've had it controlled here recently with meds but it seems to take a notion and spike for awhile and I don't understand why?
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Taking medication to control natural processes is always difficult; sometimes they fall out of proper adjustment.  Don't know just how bad your hypertension is or whether you tried to control it with diet and supplements, but when you take drugs, again, it's a bargain with your body.  So it might just be the drugs.  Could also be something you're using to help your workouts, if you do take anything for that.  Otherwise, beats me.
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You didn't mention if you're overweight if you are then you need to diet. Also you need to watch your sodium intake use spices and herbs instead and don't buy prepackaged foods.
Make sure you have enough magnesium, potassium, and calcium in your diet. These reduce the effects of salt. Magnesium dilates, or widens, blood vessels.  The dosages of these are hard to calibrate.
Magnesium can be taken until it causes diarrhea,
then lower the dose. Calcium and magnesium are best when taken together.  Too much potassium  that is, excessive amounts can be lethal to your kidneys. All of these should be taken with the OK from your doctor!
Stay away from stimulants like coffee, tea, sodas, alcohol, and cigarettes. You can't smoke.
Make sure you are getting enough sleep, at
least eight to 10 hours daily. Lack of sleep is a
main cause of hypertension because it puts the
body under stress. Sleep apnea puts the body under tremendous stress and causes secondary hypertension.
It can also be because of Genetics, thyroid disorder.
Vitamin D deficiency and trans fat consumption can lead to stiff arteries. Vitamin D deficiency appears to be associated with both arterial stiffness and hypertension.
Also insulin resistance, which results from eating a diet too high in sugar. As your insulin level elevates, so does your blood pressure. Insulin stores magnesium, but if your insulin receptors are blunted and your cells grow resistant to insulin, you can't store magnesium so it passes out of your body through urination.
If you want to control high blood pressure without drugs remove all grains and sugars, like fructose, from your diet until both your weight and your blood pressure have normalized. If you have high blood pressure, eating sug­ars and grains including any type of bread, pasta, corn, potatoes, or rice will cause your insulin and leptin levels, and your blood pressure, to remain elevated. Get the OK from your Dr.

Forgot to mention drinking at least 3 cups of Hibiscus tea per day can lower blood pressure.
Studies that compared with hibiscus tea directly to pharmaceutical blood pressure drugs. In 2004, Mexican researchers assigned 75 adults with high blood pressure to take either 25 mg of the drug captopril twice per day, or to drink tea made from 10 g (about 5 teaspoons) of crushed dried hibiscus once per day. After four weeks, blood pressure had dropped by 11 percent in both groups.
If you do try this I suggest two things. First only buy pure Hibiscus tea not tea that's blended with other teas. You can either buy the tea leaves and make your own that's less expensive. Second if you do try this the tea is VERY TART! so drinking it hot you need to sip it because it's hot. If you drink it cold you just down it. Don't be adding any sugar or sweetener that's not healthy. I suggest trying it. If you go on line at nuts.com it's about $10.00 per lb.
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Thanks for the advice, I am normal weight for my size of 6'3 I'm pretty muscular so I'm somewhat thicker. I watch my diet but it also could be better. Any advice on what is too high or alarming numbers? I have LVH aswell
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140/90 or higher is hypertension! prehypertension would be
120-139 systolic and 80-89 diastolic. Normal is below 120/80.
If you check your pressure at home then do the following

Don’t eat or use caffeine, alcohol, or tobacco 30 minutes before measuring your blood pressure.
Go to the bathroom and empty your bladder before measuring your blood pressure.
Rest for 3 to 5 minutes before measuring your blood pressure. Do not talk.
Sit in a comfortable position, with your legs and ankles uncrossed and your back supported.
Place your left arm, raised to the level of your heart, on a table,
and sit still.
Wrap the cuff smoothly and snugly around the upper part of your bare arm. The cuff should fit snugly, but there should be enough room for you to slip one fingertip under the cuff.
Check to see that the bottom edge of the cuff is 1 inch above the crease of your elbow.
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Thanks for the tip I'm still getting high readings :/
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