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Am I having GERD or something else?

I suddenly just had the urge to go the bathroom and had a sharp pain shoot through my chest up to my neck. It was worse when I breathed deeply. It actually radiated to the back of my head. I went to the bathroom, everything was normal. I threw up because of the pain and I was a bit nauseous. It has now subsided but it scared pretty terribly. I've been diagnosed with IBS and GERD and have felt similar pain in my throat before.I have no headache, no problems breathing, no dizziness, no headache, I'm very coherent andcurrently trying to relax. I have not been diagnosed with any heart related problems. I'm 22, 121 lbs, fit, supposedly healthy (my doctor has said).
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I have no idea what caused this, but if you have IBS and GERD you're certainly not healthy.  You're not digesting your food properly, for one thing, and probably not eating the right things.  This can be treated, and I think it's best treated naturally, as meds can make the problem chronic.  Have you seen anyone such as a holistic nutritionist to see if you can make dietary and lifestyle changes to get past this?
I've seen a gastrointerologist. To be honest, I've not been eating my usual diet the past two weeks as I am in a foreign country and trying out a lot of the local delicacies. A lot of which are heavy on bacon. I'm usually a person who drinks a lot of water, eats chicken, vegetables, fruits, and has a very vegetarian oriented diet.
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I think it may be GERD, and I think you need turmeric in your life:  http://www.hungryforchange.tv/article/6-ways-the-golden-spice-of-life-can-heal-your-body
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Turmeric is a wonderful anti-inflammatory and helpful for the liver, but it's also a hot herb and some people with GERD will be adversely affected by it if they don't take well to hot herbs.  Everyone is different.  As to the original poster, leaning toward vegetarian doesn't say anything about whether your diet is healthy for you or not.  Some people do well that way, some don't.  And you have to eat healthy foods and eat them at the right time; a lot of animal foods are healthier than a lot of vegetarian foods.  It's what suits you best, including seemingly silly things like not eating before lying down and chewing your food thoroughly and discovering if there are foods you just can't digest.  Guess what I'm saying is, GERD isn't a disease, it's an imbalance, and doesn't have to last a lifetime -- it isn't diabetes.  Good luck.

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