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Am I too fat?

I wanted to do one of those deits that make you fatter. Some thing scay happened.These past few (2) months I gain some weight and I didn't think I gained a lot or that it was a big deal. Last nite, I brought food from the car into the house with my boyfriend. It took me five mins to get up there and when i did I was ehusted. My boyfriend was upset and took me to the bathroom scale. In just to months I had balloned up from a chunky 130lbs to a massive 243lbs!! He was very very upset that I had gained over 100lbs in a month. Do you think I'm fat? Thanks for your help!
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    How are you? Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both  men and women. People are categorised depending upon the BMI into underweight, normal, over weight and obese. Use the following link to calculate your BMI.

There could be potential  health problems due to obesity like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, polycystic ovaries etc. Added to these psycological factors also disturb. Also sudden gain of 100lbs with in a month is not a good sign. Get a check of your thyroid hormone.

I would suggest you to calculate your BMI  and if it is above 25, you should select an exercise regime, follow healthy life style, increase physical activity, cut down on junk foods.
Take care.
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I have thought about getting bigger on purpose. I can't lose weight. I've tried every diet out there. I exersie daily and all I do is gain. Is this something I can do?
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You need to see a doctor right away! This is not normal. There could be something serious medically going on with you. To gain 100 pounds in one month is very concerning. Like the above doctor said, you could have something going on with your thyroid or your heart or something. This certainly puts a huge strain on your heart and other organs.
I'm curious about your last statement. Why would you want to gain weight on purpose? Is there something going on you haven't told us?
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No, I've just gotten fatter and fatter and have been thinking about just liveing with it.
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thats not very good! 130 isnt bad. 243 hurts.... I have never heard of a diet that makes you gain weight. Sure most diets dont work but maybe you gain 5 lbs not over 100!!!!!!!! i dont see why you were trying to gain weight, why not be the same??? I'd go see a doctor. If you dont want to then cut down on the snack and exercise. being fat isnt something you should have to live with. Good luck i hope you do what your gut tells you!
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Thank you for your concern. My boyfriend (who i haven't seem in 1 1/2 years) came back today and he didn't take my weight gain in good sprits. He was amazed that I had gotten that fat so fast. He told me that he ment offence and that he wasw telling the truth that I looked like a fat cow.

He put me on a scale and frecked out a little more. Tomorrow, he plans on takeing me to the gym. He told me I had to watch what I ate or he'd watch for me. I think that's wonderful of him for still loveing me. But DO NOT want to go to the gym. What should I do?
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ok im confused, did you gain the weight within two months, one month, or 1 1/2 years? 100lbs in a month or even two could very nearly kill you, so im going to believe that maybe it took you 1 1/2 years.
If you want to lose weight you have to at least diet. excercise helps too especially if your over i think its 30 when your muscle mass starts to lessen. when your muscle mass depleats, its harder for you to burn calories, thus its harder to lose weight. the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn per hour doing any specific activity.
but if you could just diet that would help greatly.
Im not sure of your height, but the average woman is 5 foot 5 inches so ill go by that, and you can adjust it for yourself.
i calculated online that you need about 2250 calories a day to maintain your current weight. If you decrease this by 500 calories, you can lose one pound per week. Ive employed this method, and ive lost almost 10 pounds. you have a lot to go, and it will take a lot more time, but over time, you can lose a lot of weight. it will take you about two years to lose 100 pounds again, and it will be the safe, effective long lasting way. if you want to lose faster, just excercise, even if its a moderate walk two to three times a week. the more weight you lose the more you will be motivated to excersize and do more to lose weight.
The one thing you should never do is eat too little calories. dont just think that you can decrease your calories by 1000 calories and you'll lose twice as much weight in the same ammount of time. Your body will just throw itself into what i call "starve mode" and it will not let you lose weight, in fact any fat you eat, your body will hold on to, because it thinks your starving of food. so please do NOT do that.
This plan WILL work if you adhear to it every day. and you can just count calories to the point for a few months or however long it takes you to get aquainted with how much your eating. now i just kind of have a good idea of how much im eating a day, without actually adding up every calorie, so its not as tedious as it seems. it will get easier and better and you'll start seeing results on the scale in just a few weeks, and you'll start seeing results in the mirror in just a few months.
Good Luck and God Bless!
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I'm finding it hard to believe that this post is for real.  Why would anyone WANT to purposely gain 100lbs as fast as possible.  If you are for real....You said you've been trying to gain?  Why?  Have you talked to someone about depression?  Is there a trauma in your life that would make you purposely WANT to hurt yourself?  You used to be 130lbs... that is not fat.  I really don't understand..... and you don't want to lose the weight you've gained, yet your asking for advice on what to do?  Would you work out at home versus a gym?  You could work out in the privacy of your home and not have to go to a gym... however, I recommend going to a counselor and also getting put on a doctor supervised diet and exercise plan.  I'm praying for you and urge you not to use the only life God has given you here on earth to ruin any chances of having it be healthy and happy.  
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