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Any help on losing weight?

I'm sure this question gets asked a lot about weight but I simply don't know where to start. I am a 13 Year old teen, I weigh 227 pounds, and 5 feet 10 inches on height, I consume roughly from 1900-2200 calories a day, and usually workout 1-3 times a week. My workouts include cardio for 10-15 minutes then working on most of my body. I wear XL and 2XL clothing and it makes me feel conscious of myself, every time I go to the doctor my weight is barely brought up which I found odd, I am fat, I feel fat, I have stretch marks all over my body, mostly on my stomach and near my back, I just need help with what to do, I want to be like normal kids my age, and want to be fit. I don't want to starve myself because I know that doesn't work but I would like to lose fat and gain muscle. If you have an answer please put it into great detail, I need all I can get. I also wanted to mention I am somewhat similar size to my parents, I believe genetics can also be "blamed," as I am the same build as my father, but as stated, please give input, I would like professional input but if you have been in this situation before please comment! Thanks!
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I would request you to add more protein rich diet. Such as nutri nuggets, vegetables and apples to your diet. See the magic in 30 days!
I agree
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If you're 13 I'm assuming your food is prepared by your parents.  That might have more to do with you looking like them than genetics, but you really are too young to know what your genetics are.  You're still developing in every way if you're truly 13, because you don't write like a 13 year old.  But if you are 13, you are going to eat more than what your parents need to eat.  Calories also aren't key to weight -- they're a factor, but the more important factor is how well you digest and metabolize the food you eat and how quickly it's metabolizing into sugar and storing as fat.  Most 13 year olds don't work out or need to -- they usually play sports and run around all the time, so if you're not doing that and instead are sitting around all day looking at computers and cell phones, that's a problem.  If you're getting driven everywhere and not riding your bike or walking for transportation, that's a problem.  Your workout is pretty short on cardio, and you don't say what you mean by working on the rest of your body, but at 13, again, you shouldn't have to be confining yourself to a smelly gym, you should be outside playing.  Join a soccer league.  Play basketball -- you're tall and probably strong, you'd probably be a handful.  Ride a bike everywhere you need to go.  Be a 13 year old.  As for how to eat, it's still pretty much the same as it's always been -- eat complex carbs such as whole grains, eat a lot of veggies and a moderate amount of fruits, and get enough protein.  Drink enough liquids, and avoid sugary things and white flour, as they will store as fat if not immediately burned off.  Adopt a permanent healthy diet, not something short-term that won't last.  And for that, again, if you're actually 13, you'll need to get your parents involved and get them to prepare food that won't make you fat.  
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Thank you all for the answers.
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Protein shakes and vegetables especially red beans are crucial for healthy balance diet
No, protein shakes are not essential for anything.  They're fun, and quick, and can be beneficial for those doing weight training, but they are not healthy and are in no way essential to a healthy diet.  And why did you single out red beans from all the other veggies?  These are usually eaten for protein and fiber, not the antioxidants deeper colored veggies are eaten for.  
Thanks for correcting me about protein shakes. About red beans my instructing always advice me to have it after exercise. For antioxidants, red berries, blue berries and other kind of berries are beneficial.  
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I notice that the advice above is all quite similar, to eat more protein and that would also be my suggestion. I used the Dukan diet to lose weight, this works by having a week of pure protein (so lots of meat, fish, eggs and low/no fat dairy) and then introducing certain non-starchy vegetables as well such as salad vegetables, broccoli, squash, etc.

The great thing about this method is, you can eat as much of the allowed foods as you want so there is no need to be hungry, and in the first week you lose a lot of weight which gives you the motivation to keep going.

The only required exercise with this diet is 20 minutes a day walking, so the exercises you're doing would be an additional bonus.

You can calculate how long to do each part of the diet for free at http://www.dukandiet.co.uk/the-dukan-diet/method/true-weight.

This site http://mydukandiet.com/dieting/attack-phase.html was really helpful when I did the diet as you can find lots of information there for free.

Good luck :)
Actually, I did not and do not recommend high protein diets except for bodybuilders, who do it not for health but because they really enjoy it.  High protein diets can be harmful to health (both higher kidney problems and adverse cardiovascular events) if adopted long-term, especially those high in animal protein.  The best long-term diets are not high in protein, at least as studied in long-term follow studies of actual humans eating actual food and living actual lives, not theoretical studies.  This may change in the future as long-term studies are done on people who eat high protein diets, but as of now, the best way of living is to eat complex carbs for energy, lots of veggies and some fruits, and moderate amounts of animal protein.  Pretty much the same advice as has been given by experts all along.
And we should be extremely careful about giving such advice to a 13 year old!  It's okay for adults to experiment on themselves, but not so good to advise a 13 year old to do so.
You're absolutely right, I didn't read the links.  And I don't intend to.   I have no desire to have you change anything you're doing, and no desire to prevent people from reading your post and making their own decision.  I was only responding to your statement that everyone was telling this person to eat more protein and saying, no, I wasn't and won't tell her to do this.  Here's the problem:  all the high protein diets, and there have been a lot of them over the last several decades -- and I spent 18 years managing health food stores and talking to the people who wrote those books and discussing them with my customers -- are pretty similar.  Start out with a lot of protein, then eat a high protein diet for the rest of your life, although you do get to add in more veggies and other carbs as you go along.  But if you research high protein diets, you will see that there have been concerns raised about serious health outcomes.  There are no long-term studies of high protein diets other than some of Inuits and Plains Indians, but their lifespans were much shorter than the ones most people have today.  There are several ongoing long-term studies that show that a balanced diet with minimal animal protein is the healthiest and best suited to low obesity rates.  Now, that's all I said.  I didn't say you were wrong -- I said the evidence so far is against you.  But everyone will tell you that a 13 year old should not experiment.  At that age, everything, including the brain, is still developing, and nobody has any idea what a radical diet will do to them in the long run.  The safest course, therefore, is to play it safe and not try it.  Since there are other ways to get where the poster wants to get to, there is no necessity of risking anything.  For you, I'm fine with you experimenting on yourself.  I hope your experiment ends better than, say, the Atkins diet, which is the most researched high protein diet program.  But you're not 13.  I actually eat a fairly high protein diet for reasons of my own, but again, I'm old and not 13.  Peace.
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Running and consume fluids as much so can which I believe the best way to get in shape.
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I am confused how did you get too much weight though you are only 13 years. I am bit confused. However, for losing weight easily and comfortably you should work hard, exercise regularly and get up early from the bed and walk for an hour.
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Do it in a healthy way.
Could you suggest some of them?
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Eat food that is rich in proteins
Protein foods means to gain more weight. Isn't it?
No proteins help build lean muscle witch uses more metabolism...protien also helpsfeel full longer. Cut carbs like bread pasta rice... they turn into sugar and fat if the energy is not used. Best protein is fish and chicken. Grilled or baked is preferred. I do chicken in a George foreman grill top (about 30$ at walmart). Or eat hard boiled egg for protien.
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Hi highly recommend increasing water intake. Start off your morning with a tall glass of water as warm as you can drink it. This will help your metabolism Start early. As many above have stated you are limited to what your parents cook and have similar bodies. If it's possible ask mom if you can lend her a hand and bring up your feelings and discomforts you are feeling. Offering to help mom out (or dad) in the kitchen may help you put in other ideas for meal times. Eating more healthy as a family might be the best way that the families health can improve. If you have a Wii, maybe a Wii fit game will be a good game selection. Camp also is a great way to be more active and build your self esteem. You have control of the calories you drink. Try having a large cup of water before every meal this will make you full and you will be able to cut back on portion sizes. Many people mistake thirst for hunger increasing water intake will make you feel full between meals and you will have less cravings for sweets. Since the summer is approaching sign up at the local YMCA or rec center if you can... If finances are a problem maybe you can offer volunteer service for membership. Swimming is particularly good for low impact whole body work out and is fun vs exhausting. If your not active even going for walks again with a friend or family is great. We all are better with a supportive person being us. Simple ideas like switching out cakes and chips for low cal sugar free ice pops of fudge icicles, nuts, frozen yogurt are small ways to help decrease cals. Know to lose just 1llb your body must deficit 3500 calories so cutting out soda and sweets is an easy way to decrease calories. So limiting unnecessary calories and exercising are both essential to lose weight. To your benefit your metabolism is at a all time high bc your a teenager going through physical changes. Choosing to make healthy choices and increasing activity are essential to your health or goals to lose weight. You need to eat breakfast suxh as hard boiled egg slice of toast and banana.... to start your metabolism and don't eat after 6pm. When you do good reward your achievements even if you don't see results yourself. Know that 1 minor pound was a sacrifice of 3500 cal!... you can do it 1 lb at a time. Stay positive stay active and put your energy in things you like to do. Stay positive and believe in your self!
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Healthy diet would be the best to reduce your weight first before having exercise.
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Have you been examined by a doctor? Maybe you have a hormonal failure?
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