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Bad Knee Sprain

On Wednesday of last week I sprained my knee really bad. I was so overwhelmed I instantly called 911 because I couldn’t get up or move. Thankfully I didn’t have any fractures or breaks that they saw after I did an x-ray. They simply told me I had a knee sprain. It’s almost been a week now. I can walk on it but I can’t normally. I can’t press my foot flat against the ground and walk. I can’t even straighten my leg up. My leg has to be at an angle, and I limp regardless. There was one night I stretched out that leg without thought. It popped horribly and hurt. The swelling has gone down, but still tender around the knee.

I already have Achilles tendinitis in the left ankle, which makes it very hard to stand for more than five to ten minutes at a time, especially at work. I see my primary care doctor on the 6th of November. And a Physical Therapist on the 8th for the foot. Thinking of mentioning my knee to both of them... suggestions? Is there a way to straighten my leg out on it’s own? There’s a lot of a strange feeling in the knee. Not sure if pressure or what.
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It's unlikely your general doc can diagnose a knee, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.  An MRI would tell you more than an X-ray, as it would capture a better picture of the softer tissues such as torn cartilage.  As for your PT, yeah, ask, you'll probably end up there anyway although if it's torn cartilage you might need surgery depending on which cartilage and where it's torn.  I once had a knee diagnosed as a sprain, but it wasn't.  It was then diagnosed as a meniscus tear, but it apparently wasn't that either, though since I didn't get surgery I'll never know for sure.  What I'm saying is, I've had a lot of injuries, but very few that were easily diagnosed correctly or treated.  It's a jungle out there.  Did anyone tell you to ice it and elevate it, and if it was a sprain, well, when I got my wrong diagnosis, the orthopedist sent me right to PT.    
I can never trust the emergency room anymore or most clinics as they don’t even try to figure it out. The doctors that saw me that day I fell didn’t even tell me it was a sprain. I saw it on my discharge papers. I’ll for sure make a note to let my physical therapist know.
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